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Dallas Colleges Online Advising

Dallas Colleges Online makes academic advising accessible and convenient to students needing the flexibility of campus-free education and services on behalf of the college. Distance learners in need of assistance with a variety of advising issues including degree planning, schedule building, determining TSI standards and course prerequisites may contact a Dallas Colleges Online academic advisor. The Dallas Colleges Online self assessment tool, "Is Distance Learning Right For Me," allows students to self-assessment whether they possess characteristics that would best position them for success in a distance learning environment. The tool is available on the Dallas Colleges Online Web site.

Dallas Colleges Online Academic Advising is available online, by phone at 972-669-6417, or if outside Dallas, toll-free at 1-888-468-4268.

Dallas Colleges Online Advising
9596 Walnut St.
Dallas, TX 75243-2112
Web site: http://online.dcccd.edu/
Phone: 972-669-6417
E-Mail: dcoadvisor@dcccd.edu
If out of Dallas, toll-free: 1-888-468-4268