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Class Registration Deadlines

Financial aid programs require enrollment and attendance in class in order for financial aid awards to be paid toward educational expenses. An eligible enrollment is determined by validating that the student is registered, and has been attending, in the required number of credit hours and in the correct program of study on the certification date of the semester in which aid is to be paid. The official academic calendar of the college will be used to determine the official date of enrollment. Flex terms may not have the official date of enrollment published in the calendar. The date will vary according to the start date and length of each flex term. Information on the official date for a flex term can be obtained from the instructional department office at the college. If a student withdraws from the class after aid has been paid, he or she may be required to return a portion of the financial aid received for the term. Please read the section, "Return of Federal Title IV Funds Policy."

Financial Aid Awards for Flex-Term Classes

Flex Term describes classes that do not follow the regular semester schedule. Flex Terms are shorter, more concentrated classes that often last only a month. In order for a course registration to be counted in the enrollment level for determining financial aid awards, including flex classes, students must register no later than the lock date and be certified for attendance by instructors.

The financial aid lock date is the day after the date on which enrollment for a semester is certified for state reporting purposes. During the fall and spring terms the state reporting date is the 12th class day.

Here are some examples of how Flex Term classes are counted for financial aid purposes:

  • If you register for 12-credit hours, including Flex Term courses, by the census date, and your instructors certify your attendance in all 12-credit hours, you will receive financial aid based on the certification date for each class.
  • If you register for 9 credit hours by the census date and then register for three additional Flex Term credit hours after the census date, and your instructors certify your attendance for all 12 hours, you will be considered eligible for financial aid based on 9 credit hours or three-quarters time. The additional three-credit hours were registered after the census date and are not eligible for financial aid.
  • If you register for all Flex Term classes after the census date, the Flex Term classes will not be paid with financial aid awards.
  • If you register for all Flex Term classes by the census date, Financial Aid will disburse funds based on the date you are certified as attending the course.
Lock dates and certification dates are published on the academic calendar. Visit https://www1.dcccd.edu/catalog/ss/academic_calendar.

Restrictions on Financial Aid Awards for Non-Term Class Schedules

Courses that are offered in a non-term schedule that overlaps between semesters or a course that has a start or end date outside of the dates of the semester cannot be counted in the enrollment level for financial aid awarding. For example, if a course is scheduled to begin during the fall semester but will not end until after the last day of the fall semester, that class is not eligible to be counted in the student's financial aid enrollment level. If a class is scheduled to begin during the spring semester but does not end until summer, that class cannot be counted in the student's financial aid enrollment level.

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