Vision, Mission, Philosophy and Core Competencies


Richland College will be the best place we can be to learn, teach, and build sustainable local and world community.


The mission of Richland College is teaching, learning, community building. Richland College identifies and meets the educational needs, primarily of adults, in our principal geographic service area of northeast Dallas, Richardson, and Garland, Texas. To this end, Richland College offers courses, programs, and services to empower students to achieve their educational goals and become lifelong learners and global citizens, building sustainable local and world community. We empower employees to model excellence in their service to students, colleagues, and community.


We believe that whole people who are authentically engaged in mind-spirit-body best learn, teach, serve, and lead. In individually connecting soul to role in our valuesbased culture, each of us contributes in nurturing the whole organization, working together in the broader context of creating whole communities and a whole, healthy planet for future generations. These beliefs are at the core of Richland's ongoing commitment to achieving exceptional performance results.

Core Competencies

Richland's Core Competencies are our areas of greatest expertise. Core Competencies are strategically important capabilities in our educational market, providing a sustainable advantage for our organization.

  • Agility and innovation
  • Values-inspired culture
  • Highly diverse learning environment
  • Student success in:
    • achievement of A, B and C course grades
    • engagement as measured by the CCSSE
    • class retention (grades other than "W")
  • Strategic performance improvement
  • Seamless transitions for lifelong learning
  • Development and engagement of faculty and staff
  • Sustainable community building

Emerging Core Competencies

Emerging Core Competencies are areas of continued focused effort toward reaching core competency designation.

  • Student persistence
    • degree/certificate completion
    • core completion
    • university transfer
  • Service excellence

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