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Degree Plans by Subject

Academic Degrees

Associate in Arts Degree (all colleges)
Associate in Sciences Degree (all colleges)
Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) Degrees (colleges vary)
Field of Study Degrees (colleges vary)

Associate in Applied Sciences Degrees
(Career and Technical Programs, Degrees and Certificates)

Not all degrees offered at all locations. See the chart at Degree Plans by Location

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Accounting [View all]
Accounting Assistant Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Accounting Clerk Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Advanced Manufacturing/Mechatronics Technology [View all]
  Advanced Manufacturing/Mechatronics Technology AAS (EFC)
Advanced Manufacturing/Mechatronics Technology Certificate (EFC,MVC)

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology [View all]
  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology AAS (EFC)
Residential - Technician I Certificate (CVC,EFC)
Residential - Technician III Level II Certificate (CVC,EFC)
Residential AAS (CVC,EFC)

Auto Body Technology [View all]
  Auto Body Metal Technician Certificate (EFC)
Auto Body Painter Certificate (EFC)
Auto Body Shop Management Certificate (EFC)
Auto Body Technology AAS (EFC)
Auto Body Technology Certificate (EFC)
Custom Auto/Street Rod Fabrication Certificate (EFC)

Automotive Technology [View all]
  Chassis Service Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC)
Electronics and Climate Controls Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC)
Engine Repair and Performance Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC)
High Performance Modification Certificate (EFC)
Honda Professional Automotive Career Training AAS (EFC)
Service Technician AAS (CVC and EFC) (CVC,EFC)
Toyota Technician-Training and Education Network AAS (EFC)
Transmission Service Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC)

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Business Administration [View all]
  Business Administration AAS (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Human Resources Assistant Certificate (CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Business Office Systems and Support [View all] (formerly listed as Office Technology)
  Administrative Support Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Executive Assistant AAS (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Office Assistant Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Software Application Specialist Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)

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Child Development/Early Childhood Education [View all] (formerly Child Development)
  Administrative Certificate (BHC,EFC)
Child Development/Early Childhood Education AAS (BHC,EFC)
Teaching Careers (BHC,EFC)

Computer Aided Design and Drafting [View all]
  Architectural Drafting Certificate (EFC,MVC)
CAD/CAM-CNC Certificate (EFC,MVC)
Computer-Aided Design Advanced Operator Certificate (EFC,MVC)
Computer-Aided Design and Drafting AAS (EFC,MVC)
Computer-Aided Design Operator Certificate (EFC,MVC)

Computer Information Technology (Networking Security Awards) [View all]
  Information Security Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC)

Computer Information Technology (PC Support Awards) [View all]
  Help Desk/User Support Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Personal Computer Specialist Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Personal Computer Support AAS (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Personal Computer User Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Technology Support Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Criminal Justice [View all]
  Basic Criminal Justice Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,MVC)
Criminal Digital Forensic Investigations Technician Certificate (EFC)
Criminal Forensics Certificate (EFC)
Criminal Justice AAS (CVC,EFC,MVC)
Criminal Justice Certificate (30 hours) (BHC,CVC,EFC,MVC)
Criminal Justice Certificate (45-46 hours) (CVC,EFC,MVC)

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Digital Media Technology [View all] (formerly Digital Imaging Technology)
  Digital Media Technology AAS (EFC)
Digital Photography Certificate (EFC)
Digital Pre-Press Certificate (EFC)
Multimedia Certificate (EFC)

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Electronic Telecommunications [View all]
  Technical Platform Certificate (16 hours) (EFC)

Electronics/Computer Technology [View all]
  Basic Electronics Technology Certificate (EFC)
Electronic Systems Technician Option AAS (EFC)
Electronics/Computer Technology AAS (EFC)

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Management [View all]
Management Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Supervisor Certificate (CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

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Office Technology [View all] (see also Business Office Systems and Support)
  Administrative Support Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Executive Assistant AAS (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Office Assistant Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Software Application Specialist Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)

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Renewable/Sustainable Energy [View all]
  Renewable/Sustainable Energy Technician AAS (EFC)
Renewable/Sustainable Energy Technician Certificate (EFC)

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Social Work [View all]
  Gerontology Certificate (EFC)
Human Services Certificate (EFC)
Social Work Associate-Generalist AAS (EFC)

Substance Abuse Counseling [View all]
  Mental Health/Substance Abuse Prevention Certificate (EFC)
Substance Abuse Counseling AAS (EFC)
Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate (EFC)

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Welding Technology [View all]
  Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) Certificate (EFC,MVC)
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Certificate (EFC,MVC)
Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Certificate (EFC,MVC)