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Academic Degrees

Associate of Arts Degree (all colleges)
Associate of Science Degree (all colleges)
Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) Degrees (colleges vary)
Field of Study Degrees (colleges vary)

Associate of Applied Science Degrees
(Career and Technical Programs, Degrees and Certificates)

Not all certificates/degrees are offered at all locations. See the chart at Certificates/Degrees by Location

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Accounting [View all]
Accounting Assistant Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Accounting Clerk Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Associate Degree Nursing [View all]
  Associate Degree Nursing AAS (ECC and NLC) (ECC,NLC)

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Business Administration [View all]
  Business Administration AAS (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Human Resources Assistant Certificate (CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Business Office Systems and Support [View all] (formerly listed as Office Technology)
  Administrative Support Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Executive Assistant AAS (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Office Assistant Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Software Application Specialist Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)

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Computer Graphics [View all]
  Computer Graphics AAS (CVC,NLC)
Computer Graphics Certificate (CVC,NLC)
Computer Graphics Specialist Certificate (CVC,NLC)

Computer Information Technology (Networking Security Awards) [View all]
  Cisco Networking Assistant Skills Achievement Award (BHC,ECC,NLC)
Cisco Networking Intern Skills Achievement Award (BHC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Network Administrator and Support AAS (CVC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Networking Associate Certificate (BHC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Networking Professional Certificate (ECC,NLC,RLC)
Networking Support Certificate (BHC,CVC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
SQL Server Certificate (NLC,RLC)

Computer Information Technology (PC Support Awards) [View all]
  Help Desk/User Support Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Personal Computer Specialist Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Personal Computer Support AAS (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Personal Computer User Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Technology Support Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Computer Information Technology (Programming Awards) [View all]
  DBA Certificate (ECC,NLC)
Oracle Associate Skills Achievement Award (ECC,NLC,RLC)
Oracle Professional Skills Achievement Award (ECC,NLC,RLC)
Programmer Level 1 Certificate (BHC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Software Programmer/Developer AAS (BHC,NLC,RLC)
Software Programmer/Developer Assistant Certificate (BHC,ECC,NLC,RLC)

Computer Information Technology (Web/Internet Services Awards) [View all]
  Basic Web Production Certificate (NLC)
Web Developer Specialist Certificate (BHC,NLC)
Web Production and Design AAS (BHC,NLC)
Web Production and Design Certificate (NLC)

Construction Management [View all] (formerly Construction Management and Technology)
  Commercial Construction Assistant Superintendent Certificate (NLC)
NLC-New January 1, 2017
Construction Management AAS (NLC)
Residential Construction Foreman Certificate (NLC)
NLC-New January 1, 2017

Construction Technology [View all]
  Commercial Construction Certificate (NLC)
Construction Technology AAS (NLC)
Residential Construction Certificate (NLC)
Surveying Certificate (NLC)
NLC-New January 1, 2017

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Electrical Technology [View all]
  Electrical Construction AAS (NLC)
Electrical Construction Certificate (NLC)
Electrical Technology AAS (NLC)
Electrical Technology Certificate (NLC)

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Logistics Technology [View all]
  Advanced-Level Logistics Professional Certificate (NLC)
Foundation-Level Logistics Technician Certificate (NLC)
Logistics Technology AAS (NLC)

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Management [View all]
Management Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Supervisor Certificate (CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Mortgage Banking [View all]
  Designate Certificate (NLC)
Financial Services Professional Certificate (NLC)
Mortgage Banking Intern Certificate (NLC)
Formerly Intern Skills Achievement Award

Mortgage Banking AAS (NLC)

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Nursing [View all] (see Associate Degree Nursing)
  Nursing (BHC,ECC,MVC,NLC)

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Office Technology [View all] (see also Business Office Systems and Support)
  Office Technology (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)

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Real Estate [View all]
  Real Estate AAS (CVC,NLC)
Real Estate Certificate (CVC,NLC)

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Video Technology [View all]
  Animation and Visual Effects Certificate (NLC)
Audio Visual Specialist Certificate (NLC)
Video Technology AAS (NLC)

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