2016 - 2017 Combined Catalogs of the Colleges

Certificates/Degrees by Subject

Academic Degrees

Associate of Arts Degree (all colleges)
Associate of Science Degree (all colleges)
Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) Degrees (colleges vary)
Emphasis Degrees (RLC only)
Engineering Degrees (colleges vary)
Field of Study Degrees (colleges vary)

Associate of Applied Science Degrees
(Career and Technical Programs, Degrees and Certificates)

Not all certificates/degrees are offered at all locations. See the chart at Certificates/Degrees by Location

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Accounting [View all]
Advanced Technical Certificate in Professional Accountancy (formerly Accounting Advanced Technical Certificate) (MVC)
Accounting Assistant Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Accounting Clerk Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Advanced Manufacturing/Mechatronics Technology [View all]
  Advanced Manufacturing/Mechatronics Technology AAS (EFC)
Advanced Manufacturing/Mechatronics Technology Certificate (EFC,MVC)

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology [View all]
  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology AAS (EFC)
Residential - Technician I Certificate (CVC,EFC)
Residential - Technician III Level II Certificate (CVC,EFC)
Residential AAS (CVC,EFC)

Associate Degree Nursing [View all]
  Associate Degree Nursing AAS (BHC)
Associate Degree Nursing AAS (ECC and NLC) (ECC,NLC)
Associate Degree Nursing AAS (MVC) (MVC)
Perioperative Nursing Enhanced Skills Certificate (ECC)

Auto Body Technology [View all]
  Auto Body Metal Technician Certificate (EFC)
Auto Body Painter Certificate (EFC)
Auto Body Shop Management Certificate (EFC)
Auto Body Technology AAS (EFC)
Auto Body Technology Certificate (EFC)
Custom Auto/Street Rod Fabrication Certificate (EFC)

Automotive Technology [View all]
  Chassis Service Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC)
Dealership-Sponsored Technician AAS (BHC)
Electronics and Climate Controls Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC)
Engine Repair and Performance Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC)
High Performance Modification Certificate (EFC)
Honda Professional Automotive Career Training AAS (EFC)
Service Technician AAS (BHC) (BHC)
Service Technician AAS (CVC and EFC) (CVC,EFC)
Toyota Technician-Training and Education Network AAS (EFC)
Transmission Service Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC)

Automotive Technology/Diesel and Heavy Equipment [View all]
  Preventive Maintenance Technician Certificate (CVC)

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Business Administration [View all]
  Business Administration AAS (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Business Trainee I Skills Achievement Award (BHC)
Business Trainee II Skills Achievement Award (BHC)
Business Trainee III Skills Achievement Award (BHC)
Diversity Training Skills Achievement Award (CVC)
Entrepreneurship Certificate (ECC)
Human Resources Assistant Certificate (CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Business Office Systems and Support [View all] (formerly listed as Office Technology)
  Administrative Support Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Executive Assistant AAS (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Office Assistant Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Software Application Specialist Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Virtual Assistant Skills Achievement Award (ECC)

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Cardiac Sonography [View all] (formerly Echocardiology Technology)
  Adult Cardiac Sonography AAS (ECC)
Adult Cardiac Sonography Advanced Technical Certificate (ECC)
Pediatric Cardiac Sonography AAS (ECC)
Pediatric Cardiac Sonography Advanced Technical Certificate (ECC)

Child Development/Early Childhood Education [View all] (formerly Child Development)
  Administrative Certificate (BHC,EFC)
Child Development/Early Childhood Education AAS (BHC,EFC)
Teaching Careers (BHC,EFC)

Commercial Building Performance Technology [View all]
  Continuous Commissioning Advanced Technical Certificate (CVC)
Energy Management, Energy Efficiency, and Commissioning Certificate (CVC)
Green Energy in Buildings Certificate (CVC)

Commercial Music [View all]
  Composition and Digital Music Production AAS (CVC)
Music Business and Entrepreneurship AAS (CVC)
Music Business and Entrepreneurship Certificate (CVC)
Performing Musician AAS (CVC)
Performing Musician Certificate (CVC)
Recording Technology AAS (CVC)
Recording Technology Certificate (One-Year Certificate) (CVC)
Recording Technology Certificate (Two-Year Certificate) (CVC)

Computer Aided Design and Drafting [View all]
  Architectural Drafting Certificate (EFC,MVC)
CAD/CAM-CNC Certificate (EFC,MVC)
Computer-Aided Design Advanced Operator Certificate (EFC,MVC)
Computer-Aided Design and Drafting AAS (EFC,MVC)
Computer-Aided Design Operator Certificate (EFC,MVC)

Computer Graphics [View all]
  Computer Graphics AAS (CVC,NLC)
Computer Graphics Certificate (CVC,NLC)
Computer Graphics Specialist Certificate (CVC,NLC)

Computer Information Technology (Networking Security Awards) [View all]
  Cisco Networking Assistant Skills Achievement Award (BHC,ECC,NLC)
Cisco Networking Intern Skills Achievement Award (BHC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Convergence Technology Intern Certificate (ECC)
Convergence Technology Technician Certificate (ECC)
Information Security Certificate (BHC,EFC,ECC)
Information Security Skills Achievement Award (BHC)
IT Security Skills Achievement Award (BHC,ECC)
Network Administrator and Support AAS (CVC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Networking Associate Certificate (BHC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Networking Professional Certificate (ECC,NLC,RLC)
Networking Support Certificate (BHC,CVC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
SQL Server Certificate (NLC,RLC)
Mobile Applications Developer Certificate (ECC)
Formerly System i Developer Certificate

Multi-Platform Applications Developer Certificate (ECC)
Formerly System i Developer Assistant Certificate

UNIX Administrator/Cloud Computing Certificate (BHC)
UNIX/Open Source Skills Achievement Award (BHC)
UNIX System Administrator Certificate (RLC)

Computer Information Technology (PC Support Awards) [View all]
  Help Desk/User Support Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Information Technology Support Specialist I Marketable Skills Achievement Award (ECC)
Information Technology Support Specialist II Marketable Skills Achievement Award (ECC)
Personal Computer Specialist Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Personal Computer Support AAS (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Personal Computer Technology and A+ Certification (BHC)
Personal Computer User Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Technology Support Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Computer Information Technology (Programming Awards) [View all]
  DBA Certificate (ECC,NLC)
.NET Programming Skills Achievement Award (BHC)
Object-Oriented Programming Skills Achievement Award (BHC)
Oracle Associate Skills Achievement Award (ECC,NLC,RLC)
Oracle Professional Skills Achievement Award (ECC,NLC,RLC)
Programmer Level 1 Certificate (BHC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Software Programmer/Developer AAS (BHC,NLC,RLC)
Software Programmer/Developer Assistant Certificate (BHC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Visual Studio Developer Certificate (BHC,ECC)
Visual Studio Enterprise Developer Certificate (BHC)
Visual Studio Professional Developer Certificate (BHC)

Computer Information Technology (Web/Internet Services Awards) [View all]
  Basic Web Production Certificate (NLC)
Open Source Certificate (BHC)
Web Developer Specialist Certificate (BHC,NLC)
Web Development Certificate (BHC)
Web Production and Design AAS (BHC,NLC)
Web Production and Design Certificate (NLC)

Conflict Management [View all]
  Conflict Management Specialist Certificate (ECC)

Construction Management [View all] (formerly Construction Management and Technology)
  Construction Management AAS (NLC)
Commercial Construction Assistant Superintendent Certificate (NLC)
NLC-New January 1, 2017
Residential Construction Foreman Certificate (NLC)
NLC-New January 1, 2017

Construction Technology [View all]
  Commercial Construction Certificate (NLC)
Construction Technology AAS (NLC)
Residential Construction Certificate (NLC)
Surveying Certificate (NLC)
NLC-New January 1, 2017

Criminal Justice [View all]
  Basic Criminal Justice Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,MVC)
Criminal Digital Forensic Investigations Technician Certificate (EFC)
Criminal Forensics Certificate (EFC)
Criminal Justice AAS (CVC,EFC,MVC)
Criminal Justice Certificate (30 hours) (BHC,CVC,EFC,MVC)
Criminal Justice Certificate (45 hours) (CVC,EFC,MVC)

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Dental Hygiene [View all]
  Dental Hygiene AAS (ECC)
ECC-New September 1, 2016

Diagnostic Medical Sonography [View all]
  Diagnostic Medical Sonography AAS (ECC)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Advanced Technical Certificate (ECC)

Digital Forensics [View all]
  Digital Forensics AAS (RLC)
Digital Forensic Analyst Advanced Technical Certificate (RLC)

Digital Media Technology [View all] (formerly Digital Imaging Technology)
  Digital Media Technology AAS (EFC)
Digital Photography Certificate (EFC)
Digital Media Certificate (EFC)
Formerly Digital Pre-Press Certificate

Multimedia Certificate (EFC)

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Electrical Engineering Technology [View all]
  Electrical Engineering Technology AAS (EFC,RLC)
Formerly Electronics/Computer Technology AAS - EFC and formerly Semiconductor Manufacturing--Equipment Technician AAS - RLC

Electrical Technology [View all]
  Electrical Construction AAS (NLC)
Electrical Construction Certificate (NLC)
Electrical Technology AAS (NLC)
Electrical Technology Certificate (NLC)

Electronic Telecommunications [View all]
  Technical Platform Certificate (16 hours) (EFC)

Electronics Technology [View all]
  Electronics Technology AAS (MVC)
Note: This award includes the Electrical Engineering Technology Specialization.
Technical Platform Certificate (MVC)

Electronics/Computer Technology [View all]
  Basic Electronics Technology Certificate (EFC)
Electronic Systems Technician Option AAS (EFC)
Electronics/Computer Technology AAS (EFC)
(see Electrical Engineering Technology)

Emergency Medical Services [View all]
  Credential for Critical Care Professionals Enhanced Skills Certificate (BHC)
Emergency Medical Technician Basic Certificate (BHC)
Paramedicine AAS (BHC)
Paramedicine Level II Certificate (BHC)

Engine Technology [View all]
  Marine/Small Engine Technology Certificate (CVC)
Motorcycle Technology Certificate (CVC)

Engineering Technology [View all]
  CNC/CAD/CAM Certificate (RLC)
Computer-Aided Design Skills Achievement Award (RLC)
Computer Numerical Control/Computer Aided Manufacturing Skills Achievement Award (RLC)
Electronics Technology AAS (RLC)
Electronics Technology Certificate (RLC)
Manufacturing AAS (RLC)

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Fashion Design [View all]
  Apparel Design AAS (ECC)
Pattern Design AAS (ECC)
Theatrical Costume Design Certificate (ECC)

Fire Protection Technology [View all]
  Fire Arson/Investigation Certificate (ECC)
Fire Protection Technology AAS (ECC)
Fire Science Certificate (ECC)

Food and Hospitality Institute [View all]
  Bakery/Pastry AAS (ECC)
Bakery/Pastry Certificate (ECC)
Basic Culinary Skills Certificate (ECC)
Certified Food and Hospitality Manager Certificate (ECC)
Culinary Arts AAS (ECC)
Food and Hospitality Service AAS (ECC)
Food and Hospitality Service Certificate (ECC)

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Geographic Information Systems Technology [View all]
  Geographic Information Systems Specialist AAS (BHC)
Geographic Information Systems Technician Certificate (BHC)

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Health Information Technology [View all] (Pending SACSCOC Approval)
  Health Information Technology AAS (BHC)
BHC-New January 1, 2017

Health Professions Readiness [View all]
  Health Professions Readiness I Skills Achievement Award (ECC)
ECC-New September 1, 2016
Health Professions Readiness II Skills Achievement Award (ECC)
ECC-New September 1, 2016

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Interactive Simulation and Game Technology [View all]
  Interactive Simulation and Game Technology AAS (RLC)

Interior Design [View all]
  Interior Design AAS (ECC)
Interior Design Advanced Technical Certificate (ECC)

International Business and Trade [View all]
  Import-Export Certificate (RLC)
International Business and Trade AAS (RLC)
International Business and Trade Certificate (RLC)
International Business and Trade Skills Achievement Award (RLC)

Internet Development Technologies [View all]
  Advanced Web Application Development Certificate (ECC)
Interactive Media Development Certificate (ECC)
Internet Development Technologies AAS (ECC)
Internet Marketing Certificate (ECC)
OS Administration Certificate (ECC)
Site System Administration Certificate (ECC)
Formerly Web Site System Administration Certificate

Web Application Development Certificate (ECC)

Invasive Cardiovascular Technology [View all]
  Invasive Cardiovascular Technology AAS (ECC)
Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Advanced Technical Certificate (ECC)

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Logistics Technology [View all]
  Advanced-Level Logistics Professional Certificate (NLC)
Foundation-Level Logistics Technician Certificate (NLC)
Logistics Technology AAS (NLC)

Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Manufacturing Technology [View all]
  Inventory Control Technician Certificate (CVC)
Logistics Distribution Technician Certificate (CVC)
Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Manufacturing Technology AAS (CVC)
Production Process Technician Certificate (CVC)

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging [View all]
  Magnetic Resonance Imaging AAS (ECC)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Advanced Technical Certificate (ECC)

Management [View all]
  Business Leadership Marketable Skills Achievement Award (ECC)
Leadership Marketable Skills Achievement Award (CVC)
Management Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Retail Management Certificate (ECC)
Supervisor Certificate (CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Marketing Careers [View all]
  Business Marketing AAS (BHC,CVC)
Call Center Specialist Skills Achievement Award (BHC)
Customer Service Representative Certificate (Business Marketing) (BHC,CVC)
Fashion Marketing AAS (ECC)
Sales Marketing Associate Certificate (BHC,CVC)
Visual Merchandising Assistant Certificate (ECC)
Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representative Certificate (ECC)

Medical Assisting [View all]
  Medical Assisting Certificate (ECC)

Medical Front Office [View all]
  Medical Front Office Assistant Certificate (BHC)
Medical Front Office Assistant Marketable Skills Achievement Award (BHC)
Medical Front Office Medical Coder Certificate (BHC)

Medical Laboratory Technology [View all]
  Medical Laboratory Technology AAS (ECC)

Mortgage Banking [View all]
  Designate Certificate (NLC)
Financial Services Professional Certificate (NLC)
Mortgage Banking Intern Certificate (NLC)
Formerly Intern Skills Achievement Award

Mortgage Banking AAS (NLC)

Multimedia Technology [View all]
  Animator Level II Certificate (RLC)
Multimedia Application Developer Level I Certificate (RLC)
Formerly Multimedia Developer Level I Certificate

Multimedia Application Developer Level II Certificate (RLC)
Formerly Multimedia Developer Level II Certificate

Multimedia Web Design AAS (RLC)
Visual Design Level I Certificate (RLC)
Visual Design Level II Certificate (RLC)
Web Designer-Multimedia Level I Certificate (RLC)
Formerly Internet Communications Level I Certificate

Web Designer-Multimedia Level II Certificate (RLC)
Formerly Internet Communications Level II Certificate

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Nanotechnology [View all]
  Nanotechnology AAS (RLC)

Nursing [View all] (see Associate Degree Nursing)
  Nursing (BHC,ECC,MVC,NLC)

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Office Technology [View all] (see also Business Office Systems and Support)
  Office Technology (BHC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)

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Paralegal [View all]
  Paralegal AAS (ECC)

Paramedic [View all]
  Paramedic Certificate (ECC)

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Radiologic Sciences [View all]
  Computed Tomography Advanced Technical Certificate (BHC)
Radiologic Sciences AAS (BHC) (BHC)
Radiologic Sciences AAS (ECC) (ECC)
Vascular Interventional Advanced Technical Certificate (BHC)

Real Estate [View all]
  Real Estate AAS (CVC,NLC)
Real Estate Certificate (CVC,NLC)

Renewable/Sustainable Energy [View all]
  Renewable/Sustainable Energy Technician AAS (EFC)
Renewable/Sustainable Energy Technician Certificate (EFC)

Residential Building Performance Technology [View all]
  Rater/Building Performance Specialist (CVC)

Respiratory Care Program [View all]
  Respiratory Care Program AAS (ECC)

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Semiconductor Manufacturing [View all]
  Equipment Technician AAS (RLC)
(see Electrical Engineering Technology)

Operator Certificate (RLC)

Small Business Academy [View all]
  Small Business Academy Certificate (ECC)

Social Work [View all]
  Gerontology Certificate (EFC)
Human Services Certificate (EFC)
Social Work Associate-Generalist AAS (EFC)

Substance Abuse Counseling [View all]
  Mental Health/Substance Abuse Prevention Certificate (EFC)
Substance Abuse Counseling AAS (EFC)
Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate (EFC)

Surgical Technologist [View all]
  Surgical Technologist AAS (ECC)

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Travel, Exposition and Meeting Management [View all]
  Travel, Exposition and Meeting Management AAS (RLC)
Certificate in Meetings (RLC)
Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism (RLC)

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Veterinary Technology [View all]
  Large Animal Veterinary Assisting Certificate (CVC)
Small Animal Veterinary Assisting Certificate (CVC)
Veterinary Technology AAS (CVC)

Video Technology [View all]
  Animation and Visual Effects Certificate (NLC)
Audio Visual Specialist Certificate (NLC)
Video Technology AAS (NLC)

Visual Communications [View all]
  Visual Communications AAS (BHC)
Visual Communications Certificate (BHC)
Visual Communications Enhanced Skills Certificate (BHC)
Web Design and Development Certificate (BHC)
Web Design and Graphics Certificate (BHC)

Vocational Nursing [View all]
  Vocational Nursing Certificate (ECC)

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Welding Technology [View all]
  Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) Certificate (EFC,MVC)
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Certificate (EFC,MVC)
Machinist Certificate (MVC)
Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Certificate (EFC,MVC)
Welding Technology AAS (MVC)

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