2023 - 2024 Dallas College Catalog

2023 - 2024 Catalog
Program: Marketing
Title: Marketing A.A.S.

(Associate of Applied Science Degree)

Offered on all campuses
  • Students pursuing this award program are required to meet Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards and course prerequisites.
  • Complete at least 25% of the credit hours required for graduation through instruction by Dallas College.

Degree Plan Code: AAS.MARKETING

The Marketing AAS degree provides students with core marketing skills needed to create, communicate, and deliver information about an organization's products and services to increase sales. Digital marketing, sales, and customer service are covered through courses that incorporate problem-solving, creative thinking, and communication skills. Students will study areas of interest including sports marketing, retail sales/marketing, social media, market research, selling and customer relationship management (CRM). Students apply classroom knowledge to real-life business situations by participating in Cooperative (COOP) work experiences with external companies.

Course Course Title Credit Hours
MRKG 1311 Principles of Marketing 3
MRKG 1302 Principles of Retailing 3
MRKG 1301 Customer Relationship Management 3
Elective Marketing Elective 3
MRKG 2349 Advertising and Sales Promotion 3
MRKG 2333 Principles of Selling 3
Semester Total 18
Course Course Title Credit Hours
MRKG 2312 E-Commerce Marketing 3
MRKG 2371 Strategies in Social Media Marketing 3
MRKG 2348 Marketing Research and Strategies 3
MRKG 2370 Digital Marketing 3
Semester Total 12
Course Course Title Credit Hours
BMGT 1305 Communication in Management 3
BMGT 2303 Problem Solving & Decision Making 3
MRKG 2372 Advanced Customer Relationship Management 3
MRKG 1381 Cooperative Education - Marketing/ Marketing Management, General 3
Semester Total 12
Course Course Title Credit Hours
ENGL 1301 Composition 1 3
SPCH 1311 Introduction to Speech Communication 3
SPCH 1315 Public Speaking (3)
Elective Humanities/Fine Arts 3
Elective Math Elective 3
Elective Social/Behavioral Science 3
MRKG 2381 Cooperative Education - Marketing/Marketing Management, General 3
Semester Total 18
Minimum Hours Required 60

Marketing Elective - Students must select from the following:

Course Course Title Credit Hours
MRKG 1313 Public Relations 3
MRKG 1371 Sports Marketing 3
FSHN 1312 Apparel and Accessories Marketing Operations 3
FSHN 2301 Fashion Promotion 3
FSHN 2307 Fashion Advertising 3
IBUS 1349 International E-Commerce Systems 3
IBUS 1354 International Marketing Management 3
RELE 1321 Real Estate Marketing 3

Humanities/Fine Arts Elective - must be selected from the AAS Core Options for Humanities/Fine Arts.

Math Elective - must be selected from the AAS Core Options for Mathematics.

Social/Behavioral Sciences Elective - must be selected from the AAS Core Options for Social/Behavioral Sciences.

NOTE: Students enrolling in this program who plan to transfer to a four-year institution should consult an advisor or counselor regarding transfer requirements and the transferability of these courses to the four-year institution of their choice.