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Program: Child Development/Early Childhood Education
Degree Plan: Child Development/Early Childhood Education AAS

(Associate in Applied Sciences Degree)

Brookhaven and Eastfield only

  • Students pursuing this award program are required to meet Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards and course prerequisites.
  • Students must earn at least 25% of the credit hours required for graduation through instruction by the college awarding the degree.

Degree Plan Code: AAS.CHILD.DEVE.16

The Child Development program offers students an in-depth study of young children from birth to twelve years of age. Eastfield College provides a child development center the Children's Lab School of the Center for Child and Family Studies that offers lab opportunities for students. Brookhaven College has a Head Start Center on campus that is available for students as well as numerous off-campus locations for student lab experiences.

NOTE: Students must take CDEC 2286, CDEC 2287 and CDEC 2380 at the college where they plan to graduate.


CDEC 1311 Educating Young Children 3
CDEC 1319 Child Guidance 3
CDEC 1303 Families, School and Community 3
CDEC 1354 Child Growth and Development 3
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3


CDEC 1318 Wellness of the Young Child 3
CDEC 1323 Observation and Assessment 3
CDEC 1359 Children with Special Needs 3
CDEC 2380 Cooperative Education-Child Care Provider/Assistant 3
CDEC 1413 Curriculum Resources for Early Childhood Programs 4


CDEC 2286 Internship - Child Care Provider/Assistant 2
CDEC 1356 Emergent Literacy for Early Childhood 3
GOVT 2305 Federal Government 3
SPCH 1311 Introduction to Speech Communication 3
+Elective Child Development (one course) 3


CDEC 2287 Internship - Child Care Provider/Assistant 2
BIOL 1408 Biology for Non-Science Majors I 4
HUMA 1315 Fine Arts Appreciation 3
+Elective Child Development (one course) 3
+Elective Child Development (one course) 3
Minimum Hours Required 60

+Electives - must be selected from the following*:

CDEC 1317 Child Development Associate Training I 3
CDEC 1321 The Infant and Toddler 3
CDEC 1341 CDA Preparation for Assessment 3
CDEC 1343 Independent Study in Child Development 3
CDEC 1358 Creative Arts for Early Childhood 3
CDEC 1395 Special Topics in Child Care Provider/Assistant 3
CDEC 1396 Special Topics in Child Care and Support Services Management 3
CDEC 2304 Child Abuse and Neglect 3
CDEC 2307 Math and Science for Early Childhood 3
CDEC 2322 Child Development Associate Training II 3
CDEC 2324 Child Development Associate Training III 3
CDEC 2326 Administration of Programs for Children I 3
CDEC 2328 Administration of Programs for Children II 3
CDEC 2336 Administration of Programs for Children III 3
CDEC 2340 Instructional Techniques for Children with Special Needs 3
CDEC 2341 The School Age Child 3

*Note: Please consult the advising guide of the college (Brookhaven or Eastfield) you are attending for guidance on appropriate elective courses for your career goals. Contact the Child Development/Early Childhood Education Advisor or Program Chair if you need more guidance.

Note: Students planning on transferring to a four-year institution to complete a Bachelor's degree should consult an advisor and the transfer university.

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