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RNSG 1129 (1 Credit Hours)
Course not offered this year at any colleges of DCCCD.

Integrated Nursing Skills II
This is a WECM Course Number.
Prerequisite Recommended: Minimum grade of "C" in RNSG 1423, RNSG 1460, SCIT 1408 or BIOL 2402, and PSYC 2314. Concurrent enrollment in BIOL 2420 and SPCH 1311. Concurrent enrollment in corequisite courses RNSG 2504 and RNSG 1461.
Course Description: Study of the concepts and principles necessary to perform intermediate or advanced nursing skills for care of diverse patients across the life span. Content includes knowledge, judgment, skills, and professional values within a legal/ethical framework. This course lends itself to an integrated approach. Focus is on assessment, parenteral medication administration, IV therapy, documentation, surgical asepsis, and basic skills competency validation. Licensing/certification agency: Texas Board of Nursing (BON). (2 Lab.)

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