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Student and Campus Services

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Student Services

Brookhaven College student services include advisement for all students, as well as career counseling and job placement assistance, special programs and services for women, veterans, returning adults, senior adults, students for whom English is a second language, and those with disabilities. Counseling referrals, health services and opportunities to qualify for scholarships and financial aid also are available.

Service Phone Room E-mail
Admissions Office & Registrar 972-860-4883 S052 bhcAdmissions@dcccd.edu
Advising Center 972-860-4830 S113 bhcAdvising@dcccd.edu
Assessment Testing 972-860-4865 S080 bhcTesting@dcccd.edu
Athletics/Coaches 972-860-4121 T202 bhcAthletics@dcccd.edu
Bookstore, Follett 972-484-7652 S238 bhcdcccd@bkstr.com
Box Office (Brookhaven College School of the Arts, Performance Hall) 972-860-4118 C202 BHC_Boxoffice@dcccd.edu
Brookhaven Courier, student newspaper 972-860-4787 U241 bhcCourier@dcccd.edu
Brookhaven College School of the Arts 972-860-4730 D123 BCSA@dcccd.edu
Cashier 972-860-4819 S054  
Career Development Center 972-860-4894 S065 bhcJobs@dcccd.edu
Counseling Center 972-860-4339 S124 bhcCounseling@dcccd.edu
Disability Services 972-860-4673 S124 bhcADAservices@dcccd.edu
Dual Credit
for high school students
972-860-4829 S051 bhcDualCredit@dcccd.edu
Facilities Services 972-860-4798 R110 bhcFacilitiesServices@dcccd.edu
Financial Aid 972-860-4110 S015 bhcFinAid@dcccd.edu
Health Center 972-860-4195 S072 bhcHealthCenter@dcccd.edu
Health & Human Services 972-860-7869 X1084 bhcHHServices@dcccd.edu
High School Outreach 972-860-4241 S255 bhcOutreach@dcccd.edu
Human Resources Department 972-860-4813 A224 bhcHR@dcccd.edu
Library/Learning Resource Center 972-860-4863 L200 bhcLibrary@dcccd.edu
Marketing & Public Information Office 972-860-4700/4378/4774 S241 bhcInfo@dcccd.edu
Media Distribution 972-860-4860 L253  
Multicultural Center 972-860-4192 S136 bhcMulticulturalCenter@dcccd.edu
Police Department
   emergency, on-campus telephones
   emergency, non-campus telephones
Students 50+ Education 972-860-4807 M211-A bhc50Plus@dcccd.edu
Student Life, office of 972-860-4115 S201 bhcStudentLife@dcccd.edu
Testing Center/Assessments 972-860-4865 S080 bhcTesting@dcccd.edu
Tours 972-860-4774 S241 bhcTours@dcccd.edu
Veterans Affairs 972-860-4674 S132 bhcVeterans@dcccd.edu
World Languages Division 972-860-4770 L420 bhcWorldLanguages@dcccd.edu
Workforce and Continuing Education 972-860-4600 S022 bhcWCE@dcccd.edu