2015 - 2016 Catalog

Mission and Goals


At Brookhaven College, a public, open-door, two-year institution dedicated to student success, we provide quality educational programs by offering a broad range of programs, learning opportunities and experiences. We prepare our students to value the individuals and organizations within our diverse community and to face the challenges as responsible and productive members of society. We achieve our mission through our goals and strategic directions.

The purpose of Texas public community colleges is as set forth in Education Code 130.003, as follows:

  • The purpose of each public community college shall be to provide:
    1. Technical programs up to two years in length leading to associate degrees or certificates;
    2. Vocational programs leading directly to employment in semi-skilled and skilled occupations;
    3. Freshman and sophomore courses in arts and sciences;
    4. Continuing adult education programs for occupational or cultural upgrading;
    5. Compensatory education programs designed to fulfill the commitment of an admissions policy allowing the enrollment of disadvantaged students;
    6. A continuing program of counseling and guidance designed to assist students in achieving their individual educational goals;
    7. Workforce development programs designed to meet local and statewide needs;
    8. Adult literacy and other basic skills programs for adults; and
    9. Such other purposes as may be prescribed by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board or local governing boards in the best interest of postsecondary education in Texas.

Strategic Goals and Values:

Strategic Goals

  1. Maximize student success for all students
    1. Increase participation in higher education within our service area
    2. Improve student learning
    3. Participate in and lead initiatives that advance student success

  2. Recruit, retain, support and develop successful employees
    1. Provide a diverse and strategic array of professional development opportunities for our employees
    2. Compose and implement employment policies, procedures and pathways which facilitate employee success

  3. Optimize institutional effectiveness and commit to sustainability
    1. Promote efficiency and effectiveness of human, capital and fiscal resources
    2. Design an organizational structure with the capacity to support and carry out the strategic goals of Brookhaven College 2018
    3. Promote sustainable practices with positive impacts on learning and social, environmental and economic vitality

  4. Cultivate mutually beneficial college/community partnerships and relationships
    1. Increase workforce readiness to enhance the economy and competitive advantage of North Texas and beyond
    2. Identify and develop dynamic partnerships in support of our mission, which encourage cooperation between the college and public and private businesses, other education providers, government agencies, and the citizens of our community
    3. Demonstrate individual and institutional commitment to serve the community through sound and transparent policies and practices


As members of the Brookhaven College community, we hold the following values:
  • Learning
  • Diversity
  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Excellence