Waiving of Scholastic Deficiency for Graduation Purposes

Any student in an academic transfer program may transfer to an Associate in Applied Science Degree or certificate program. In such a case, you may choose to have grades below "C" disregarded with the exception of select Core courses that require a "C" or better for graduation purposes. Read more at Associate in Applied Sciences Degree. The procedure for disregarding low grades below a "C" may only be exercised while you are in that career program. The GPA for an Associate in Applied Sciences Degree or certificate is based only on the hours used to meet degree requirements; however, the overall GPA (2) must still be 2.0 or above. If you change to an academic transfer program, the original conditions of the academic transfer program must be followed, including the calculation of a cumulative grade point average of all college credits earned. The procedure for waiving scholastic deficiency applies both to students of this college and to students transferring from other institutions. If you wish to use the procedure for waiving scholastic deficiency, you should indicate this in writing to the registrar prior to registration, and you should inform a counselor of your intentions during the pre-registration advisement session.