Determination of Readiness to Perform Entry-Level Freshman Coursework

Richland College shall determine when a student is ready to perform college-level coursework based on the student's assessment scores. As indicators of readiness, Richland College shall consider, as appropriate:

  • Performance in developmental education courses by earning a grade of C or better in the highest level of remediation for each failed area;
  • Performance in appropriate non-developmental coursework;
  • Performance on an approved assessment instrument (described in "Assessment Instruments");
  • Performance on appropriate developmental course exit exams used by the institution;
  • Performance in at least a 3 hour core-related course(s) with a prerequisite requirement transferred in from other regionally accredited institutions of higher education, met by earning a grade of "C" or better.
  • Performance in developmental education course by earning a grade of "C" or better in the appropriate level equated to the state passing standards for those students whose degree does not require college-level math and/or writing.
  • Performance on non-course-based (non-semester-length) developmental education intervention as allowed by THECB.
  • Developmental education coursework and/or intervention learning outcomes developed by the Board based on the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards; and
  • Student performance on one or more appropriate assessments, including scores resulting from a student's retaking of the TSI Assessment.
  • Student qualification for one or more TSI exemptions
  • An institution may enroll a student who has not met the college readiness standard on the TSI Assessment and is not otherwise exempt in an entry-level freshmen course if the student is co-enrolled in developmental education, as defined in §4.53(7) or §4.53(8) of this title (relating to Texas Success Initiative). Successful completion of the entry-level freshman course is demonstration of the student's college readiness, independent of his/her performance in co-enrolled developmental education.
    • As indicators of readiness, institutions shall consider, as appropriate:
      • Performance in developmental education.
      • Performance in appropriate non-developmental coursework.
    • A student may retake an assessment instrument at any time, subject to availability, to determine the student's readiness to perform entry-level freshman coursework.
    • An institution shall, as soon as practicable and feasible, indicate a student's readiness in reading, mathematics, and writing on the transcript of each student. Student readiness in mathematics is indicated as either:
      • ready for any entry-level freshman mathematics coursework; or
      • ready only for non-Algebra intensive courses, including MATH 1332/1342/1442 (or their local equivalent).