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2023 - 2024 Catalog
Other Things to Consider

During the time you are enrolled in Dallas College, you should begin to determine the necessary steps for completing the transfer admission process. The process may require a great amount of preparation and you should be certain you understand all of the requirements for admission, such as:

  • Application deadlines,
  • Minimum grade-point average requirements,
  • Limits on the number of credit hours that are acceptable in transfer,
  • Excessive Hours
  • Policies regarding acceptance of repeated courses,
  • Housing information and
  • Financial aid application procedures.

If you are applying for financial aid at Dallas College, please be aware that federal regulations require that you must be enrolled in an eligible program of study in order to receive aid. To select an eligible degree or certificate program, please log on to eConnect and visit Financial Aid select My Program of Study. Please use care in selecting your Program of Study. This selection will affect the information your success coach will use to help you build your schedule and track the progress toward your degree.

Of equal importance is a personal visit to the chosen institution. Many four-year institutions plan special activities and campus visitation periods where you can meet with representatives from all areas of the institution.

There is a limit on the number of hours taken by any one student in which the state of Texas will reimburse public institutions. By law, some Texas public institutions may charge a higher rate of tuition to students who exceed the limit. Contact the college or university to which you plan to transfer and obtain more information concerning tuition fees.