2022 - 2023 Dallas College Catalog

2022 - 2023 Catalog
Accessibility Services Office

The Accessibility Services Office coordinates accommodations for students with disabilities to ensure equal access to programs and services. The Accessibility Services support staff help students determine their career pathway, learn how to navigate the college environment, receive support services, and connect to resources.

Accommodations are coordinated to fit individual needs and may include extended time on exams, quiet rooms to take exams, readers and/or scribes for exams, sign language interpreters, computer-aided real-time translation services, note-taking services, assistive technology, other specialized equipment, and large print materials. Accessibility Services employs case managers who check in with students to discuss academic progress, accommodations, and life stressors.

New students are encouraged to contact the Accessibility Services Office at least one month prior to registration. Students requesting services are responsible for providing educational, psychological, or medical documentation from a qualified professional verifying their disability and the need for services. Accessibility Services maintains the confidentiality of student information as required by applicable laws.

For additional information, contact the Accessibility Services Office online https://www.dallascollege.edu/resources/accessibility-services/pages/default.aspx or email DSSO@dcccd.edu or call 972-669-6400.