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2023 - 2024 Dallas College Catalog

2023 - 2024 Catalog
Course Prerequisites

There are two types of prerequisites: 1.) Recommended and 2.) Required.

Recommended prerequisites include courses(s) that provide students with further instructions or additional information essential to student success. Students are not prevented from registering for courses that have a recommended prerequisite.

Required prerequisites include courses(s) a student must complete before registering for a specific course and that requirement must have already been met at the point of registration.

Prerequisites are usually introductory courses that students must have successfully completed in order to take certain college courses. For example, students must provide proof of successful completion of ENGL 1301 to be eligible to enroll in ENGL 1302. A prerequisite may also include a specific score on tests such as TSI, STAAR, TAKS, ACT or SAT.

Often prerequisites may be met by transferring in a course from another college or university. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to turn in their official transcripts early to the Admissions and Student Records/Registrar's office on any campus of Dallas College so that the transcript(s) can be evaluated and posted to the student's academic record in our automated student system.

If you are unable to register for a course, there may be several reasons why, such as:

  • The Registrar's office has not received your official transcript or test scores; or
  • The Registrar's office received your official transcript, but it has not been evaluated yet; or
  • The minimum grade requirement was not met on your required prerequisite(s).

Contact a Dallas College campus Admissions and Student Records/Registrar's office if you believe any of the reasons listed above may have occurred.

Many technical courses have specific skill levels that must be achieved in order to enroll in a more advanced technical course. These skills are evaluated solely by the professor teaching the course.

Students are expected to either successfully complete courses or meet assessment standards in order to meet the required course prerequisites. Dallas College reserves the right to administratively withdraw students who have not met required course prerequisites. In such cases, students may register for another course.