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2021 - 2022 Dallas College Catalog

2021 - 2022 Catalog
Marketable Skills

Dallas College Marketable Skills

What are Marketable Skills?

Often referred to as employability skills or transferable skills, marketable skills include interpersonal, cognitive, and applied skill areas that are

  • primary or complementary to a major
  • intended to help students market themselves to employers

Marketable Skills are essential for Dallas College students because:

  • They are the skills that enable students to find a job.
  • They fulfill the third goal of 60x30Texas: By 2030, all graduates from Texas public institutions of higher education will have completed programs with identified marketable skills.
  • They are skills that students often have trouble extrapolating from their coursework.

Dallas College Marketable Skills are interwoven in the Core Objectives

Students learn and practice marketable skills as they accomplish the Core Objectives. Therefore, students should understand that as they progress through the Core, their courses are offering them opportunities to refine the following skills:

Critical Thinking Communication Teamwork Personal Responsibility Social Responsibility Empirical Quantitative
Critical Thinking Icon Communication Icon Teamwork Icon Personal Responsibility Icon Social Responsibility Icon Empirical Quantitative Icon
Analyze Issues Clearly and effectively articulate complex issues/ideas in written form Accept responsibility for role of a team/Fulfill team expectations Accept responsibility Demonstrate awareness of community issues Communicate results using tables, charts, graphs
Anticipate problems, solutions, and consequences Clearly and effectively articulate ideas orally Foster collaboration with colleagues; manage group conflicts Demonstrate ethical behavior Demonstrate awareness of global issues Contextualize numeric information/data
Apply knowledge to make decisions Facilitate discussion Make collaborative decisions Exhibit Time Management Demonstrate empathy Demonstrate logical thinking
Detect patterns/themes/
underlying principles
Summarize information Provide and/or receive useful feedback Learn and grow from mistakes Develop civic responsibility Design an experiment or model
Gather proper resources and information to conduct research Use active listening and interviewing skills Welcome diverse viewpoints Show attention to detail Learn from diverse cultures, races, genders, religions, etc. Draw inferences from data, use data to formulate conclusions
Interpret data and synthesize information use proper technical writing skills Show respect for others Understand cultural norms Use appropriate calculations to solve problems