2015 - 2016 Catalog
Counseling Services

Professional counselors in the DCCCD provide support to help students deal with concerns that affect academic success and quality of life. Students are empowered to complete their educational goals and take with them skills that will positively impact their lives and in turn positively impact the community.

Each College employs licensed mental health clinicians with a common mission:
In keeping with the District and Individual College missions, district Professional Counselors provide services that enhance students’ educational, emotional, and social development. Our mission is to promote the personal growth of students within an environment that encourages empowerment through responsibility and appropriate choice.

DCCCD Professional Counselors:

  • Provide short term individual counseling, and/or personal growth groups
  • Provide crisis intervention, assessment, and referral services
  • Maintain a system of support, referral, and resource information/publications
  • Conduct educational seminars and classroom presentations for students, faculty, staff, and the community
  • Provide consultation services to faculty, staff, and students
If you are a student currently enrolled in credit or non-credit classes in the DCCCD, you are eligible for counseling services at no additional cost.