2015 - 2016 Catalog
Academic Advising Services

The college offers valuable resources in Academic Advising to help students achieve their ecucational goals.

Our academic advisors can assist students in selecting programs of study, the transferability of courses, setting up an educational plans, choosing or changing careers, and gaining self-sufficiency.

Working with academice advisors, students will demonstrate the application of using college resources to accomplish student goals. Also, students will be able to use critical thinking skills to achieve their educational goals.

The college also plans events especially for students who plan to transfer. These activities may include College Days where officials from four-year institutions visit on campus to talk directly with you, special transfer workshops and seminars, and events designed to assist students in making career decisions. Many other materials are available to help you if you plan to transfer, including Transfer Guides and Course-by-Course Equivalency Guides. Click her to find out more about Transfer Guides. To find out how Academic Advising can help with your transfer goals, please visit https://www.EastfieldCollege.edu/services/academic-support/transfer-services/pages/default.aspx.