2015 - 2016 Combined Catalogs of the Colleges

Academic Transfer Programs

The college offers a broad range of educational opportunities for the student whose goal is to transfer to a four-year institution. In addition to offering a strong, creative foundation for the freshman and sophomore years, the academic transfer curriculum is coordinated with a number of Texas four-year institutions to ensure the transfer of credits. Although each four-year school is different, you may increase the likelihood of the transferability of your courses by being active and responsible in the advisement process. By consulting the four-year institution regularly and taking advantage of the resources available at the college, you may ensure that the transfer process is a positive experience.

Another means of ensuring success in transferring to a Texas public college or university is to complete the core curriculum at this college since the entire core should transfer as a block of 42 credits. In addition, if you complete a Field of Study Associate in Arts or Associate in Sciences degree, the curriculum will transfer and count toward the specific major at most Texas public institutions. To ensure guaranteed transfer, you are strongly encouraged to check with the university where you plan to transfer for specific courses within the core curriculum that would be required for your particular major..

Students should take care when selecting additional courses to be transferred toward a Baccalaureate degree. House Bill 1172 allows an institution to charge the equivalent of out of state tuition for credit hours taken beyond the state limits. State limits are:

  1. For students entering public Texas institutions Fall 1999 - Summer 2006 who attempt 45 hours beyond what is required for Baccalaureate degree (120 hours).
  2. For students entering Fall 2006 and thereafter who attempt 30 hours beyond the hours required for a Baccalaureate degree.
It is recommended that students take minimal hours beyond degree requirements to avoid possible higher tuition charges at the institution to which they are transferring.

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