2015 - 2016 Combined Catalogs of the Colleges

Disability Services Office

The Disability Services Office offers a variety of accommodations and support services to students with disabilities. Our services are intended to empower students, foster independence, promote achievement of career and educational goals, and assist students in discovering, developing, and demonstrating their full potential and abilities. Services include registration assistance, academic accommodations (provided on an individual basis), assistive technology, and campus/community resources referral.

Disability Services maintains the confidentiality of student information as required by applicable laws. Students with disabilities attending the college have a right to appeal decisions concerning physical and academic accommodations by submitting a written petition to the designated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Officer of the college.

New students are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Office at least one month prior to registration. Students requesting services are responsible for providing current educational, psychological or medical documentation from a qualified professional verifying the disability and the need for services.

For additional information, contact the Disability Services Office online at https://www.dcccd.edu/services/disability/pages/default.aspx

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