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Program: Fashion Design
Degree Plan: Theatrical Costume Design Certificate

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Gainful Employment Information

(Level I Certificate)

El Centro only

  • Students pursuing this certificate are waived from the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards, but must meet course prerequisites.
  • Students must earn at least 25% of the credit hours required for graduation through instruction by the college awarding the degree.

Degree Plan Code: C1.FSHD.THEATRICAL

The Theatrical Costume Design Certificate Program prepares the student for an entry-level job in a theatrical costume workshop. Students must complete all FSHN, FSHD, and DRAM courses with a "C" or better to be awarded this certificate.



FSHD 1324 Ready-to-Wear Construction 3
FSHN 1309 History of Costume Through the 18th Century OR 3
FSHN 1310 History of Costume: 18th Century to Present (3)
+FSHN 1417 Pattern Drafting I 4
DRAM 1310 Introduction to the Theater 3
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3


FSHN 1325 Basic Women's Tailoring 3
++FSHN 1318 Pattern Drafting II 3
FSHN 1315 Draping 3
DRAM 1341 Make-up for the Stage 3
MATH 1332 Contemporary Mathematics I OR 3
SPCH 1311 Introduction to Speech Communication OR (3)
SPCH 1315 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3)


FSHN 1301 Textiles 3
FSHN 2315 Pattern Drafting III 3


FSHD 2241 Pattern Grading 2
DRAM 1220 Theater Practicum I 2
Minimum Hours Required 41

+Students must make a grade of "C" or better in FSHN 1417 Pattern Drafting I to continue on to FSHN 1318 Pattern Drafting II.

++Students must make a grade of "C" or better in FSHN 1318 Pattern Drafting II to continue on to FSHN 2315 Pattern Drafting III.

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