2015 - 2016 Combined Catalogs of the Colleges

Program: Electronics/Computer Technology
Degree Plan: Electronic Systems Technician Option AAS

Eastfield only

(Associate in Applied Sciences Degree)

Degree Plan Code: AAS.ELET.COMP.SYS.09

  • Students pursuing this award program are required to meet Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards and course prerequisites.
  • Students must earn at least 25% of the credit hours required for graduation through instruction by the college awarding the degree.

This program is designed to prepare students to work as Electronic Systems Technicians (DOT Code: 823.261-901, ONET Code: 49-2022.03). This is an individual whose primary occupation is the design and/or integration, installation and field maintenance/service of: cabling infrastructure and products that transport low voltage voice, video, audio, data signals, and computer or telephone networks in a commercial or residential premises; products that capture and display or otherwise annunciate signals; products that control signals; and products that use signals to control mechanical and electrical apparatus.



CETT 1403 DC Circuits 4
CETT 1425 Digital Fundamentals 4
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
+Elective MATH Elective 3
EECT 1104 Electronic Soldering OR 1
EECT 1191 Special Topics in Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering Technology/Technician (1)


CETT 1405 AC Circuits 4
CETT 1429 Solid State Devices 4
SPCH 1311 Introduction to Speech Communication OR 3
SPCH 1315 Public Speaking (3)
++Elective Social/Behavioral Science 3


EECT 1403 Introduction to Telecommunications 4
EECT 1408 Structured Media Systems 4
CPMT 2433 Computer Integration 4
++++Elective Humanities/Fine Arts 3


CPMT 1449 Computer Networking Technology 4
+++Elective Electronics Elective (two courses) 8
CETT 1441 Solid State Circuits 4
Minimum Hours Required 60

+MATH Elective - must be selected from the following:

MATH 1332 Contemporary Mathematics I 3
MATH 2342 Elementary Statistical Methods 3
MATH 1314 College Algebra 3

++Social/Behavioral Science Elective - must be selected from the AAS Core Options for Social/Behavior Sciences.

+++Electronics Elective - must be selected from the following:

CETT 1431 Programming for Discrete Electronic Devices 4
LOTT 1401 Introduction to Fiber Optics 4

++++Humanities/Fine Arts Elective - must be selected from the AAS Core Options for Humanities/Fine Arts.

NOTE: Students enrolling in this program who plan to transfer to a four-year institution should consult an advisor or counselor regarding transfer requirements and the transferability of these courses to the four-year institution of their choice.

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