2015 - 2016 Combined Catalogs of the Colleges

Course Time Limitation

Some designated courses have age or time limitations.

All computer science (COSC) courses plus BCIS 1405 and 1431 are good for ten (10) years only. If taken prior to that time the course will not be utilized to fulfill degree/certificate requirements.

For example: If you take COSC 1301 in the Fall of 2011 this course is good until Fall 2021 to fulfill degree/certificate requirements. After that time you will need to retake this course or complete another appropriate course as listed in the requirement.

GOVT 2301 and 2302 are no longer offered Fall 2013, state policy mandates only 2305 and 2306 to be offered. Please consult with an advisor to discuss your options for completing the government requirements.

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