2015 - 2016 Combined Catalogs of the Colleges

Academic Forgiveness Policy

In keeping with SB1321 passed into legislation in 1993, any Texas state resident may elect not to have the college utilize college credits for courses which are 10 years or older. If you elect this option, no college courses or credits 10 years or older will be evaluated for credit. You may not selectively choose courses 10 years or older to be utilized. This provision does not relieve you from notifying the college of attendance at previous institutions nor of the need for you to submit transcripts indicating all previous course work attempted. If you elect this option, you must notify the college Admissions/Registrar's Office when you submit your application for admission.

You must have all official transcripts on file before meeting with a designated college official to review all official college transcripts before the Academic Forgiveness Policy is granted. The Academic Forgiveness Policy does not apply toward eligibility issues for federal financial aid. Academic Forgiveness Policy is also known as Academic Fresh Start. The Academic Forgiveness Policy does allow retention of the TASP/TSI exemption.

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