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Computer Literacy Skills Placement

Effective Spring 2011 semester students may take a Computer Skills Placement test or choose to take an approved course as outlined below to demonstrate or acquire these computer skills at the beginning of their college work. It is important to possess these skills for success in all college level courses. Students will be exempt from this testing requirement if they:
  1. Have completed ITSC 1401, BCIS 1405, COSC 1300, COSC 1301, COSC 1401, POFI 1301, or equivalent within the last ten years with a grade of "C" or better.
  2. Are 65 year of age and older.
  3. Have completed 12 hours of college level work by Spring 2011.
Students will be waived (temporary action, future action required by an advisor) from taking the Computer Skills Placement test if they:
  1. Are seeking career and technical education through an Associate of Applied Sciences degree, a certificate, or credit contract training program.
  2. Are transient university students.
  3. Are Dual Credit students who have not graduated from high school.

Students will be allowed to retest one time in the first semester of enrollment. The retest fee is $10. If students have not passed the test or successfully completed ITSC 1401, BCIS 1405, COSC 1300, COSC 1301, COSC 1401, POFI 1301 by registration of their second semester of enrollment, they will be required to enroll in courses to address their computer literacy deficiencies.

Test Yourself: Computer Skills Placement Test Review Sheet (PDF - 964KB)

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