2014 - 2015 Combined Catalogs of the Colleges

The Office of Student Life

Recent research in higher education indicates that for many students involvement is an important contributor to academic success. That's why the college plans activities to encourage your involvement in college life.

The Office of Student Life staff plans and presents a variety of programs and activities for students and the surrounding community. These programs may include but not limited to lectures, art gallery visits/receptions and performance events to provide students with a stimulating co-curricular education. Programs often are coordinated with the various instructional divisions to provide you with valuable educational experiences. Leadership conferences, retreats, diversity training, and volunteer opportunities offer you opportunities to develop skills that enrich your quality of life.

The institution invites you to take an active role in your college experience. You have many opportunities to become involved in the decision-making processes for the college. You may want to join a student club, participate in student government/ambassador activities, or serve on one of several committees engaging in real decision making for the college. You may be able to become involved regularly in decisions regarding:

  • improvements for an aspect of the college (facilities, services provided, instruction, etc.);
  • programming speakers and special events offered to the student body;
  • student disciplinary hearings;
  • conducting (or completing) surveys and questionnaires designed to gather information about your college experiences; and/or
  • the selection process of new college administrators.

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