2014 - 2015 Combined Catalogs of the Colleges

Intercollegiate Athletics

The intercollegiate athletic program provides student athletes opportunities to compete in sports in an educational environment. Bringing together those students with motor skills beyond the level of the college physical education class and/or intramural offerings, the program promotes physical fitness, intellectual development, social interaction, sportsmanship and team commitment.

The athletic program strives to bring together both participants and spectators of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Participation on athletic teams is voluntary on a non-scholarship basis for women and men meeting requirements established by the Metro Athletic Conference and the National Junior College Athletic Association (N.J.C.A.A.). All teams are associated with the N.J.C.A.A. and our conference champions compete at regional, district and national tournaments. Since 1997, the college teams have won 16 N.J.C.A.A. Division III national championships in baseball, basketball, volleyball and soccer.

Member Colleges

  • Brookhaven College
  • Cedar Valley College
  • Eastfield College
  • Mountain View College
  • North Lake College
  • Richland College

Metro Athletic Council Members

  • Lynne Levesque, Athletic Director, Brookhaven College
  • Krasi Kolarov, Athletic Director, Cedar Valley College, District Director of College Programs
  • Anthony Fletcher, Athletic Director, Eastfield College
  • Keith McKinnon, Athletic Director (Interim), Mountain View College
  • Dan Joutras, Athletic Director, North Lake College
  • Guy Simmons, Athletic Director, Richland College
  • Sharon Blackman, Commissioner, District Office
  • Fred Clausen, District Director of Athletic Programs

  • All MAC team’s chief executive officer has ultimate responsibility for and exercises appropriate administrative and fiscal control over, the institution’s intercollegiate athletics program.

Program Offerings

The intercollegiate athletic program currently includes the following sports (not all members offer all sports):

  1. Baseball (Men)
  2. Basketball (Men)
  3. Soccer (Men)
  4. Soccer (Women)
  5. Volleyball (Women)


The Metro Athletic Conference is dedicated to developing competitive regionally and nationally recognized athletic programs for men and women, while striving to become the model athletic conference in the nation.


The mission of the Metro Athletic Conference is to promote student success through academic and athletic preparedness.

The Metro Athletic Conference is committed to:

  • Providing an educational environment that emphasizes the development of life skills.
  • Providing academic advising that promotes transfer opportunities.
  • Providing a culture that develops global citizenship.
  • Providing an athletic and educational environment supportive of sportsmanship.
  • Supporting educational programs that encourage and reflect student persistence.

For more information regarding eligibility, rules, standards, and sports offered contact the school Athletic Department.

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