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Third Attempt to Enroll in a Course

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New students who are entering the college for the first time should follow this version when selecting courses.
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Effective for Spring Semester 2015, the colleges of the Dallas County Community College District now charge a higher tuition rate to students registering the third or subsequent time for a course. All third and subsequent attempts of credit and Continuing Education/Workforce Training courses will result in higher tuition rate with few exceptions. Developmental Studies and some selected courses will not have the higher tuition rate charged. Third attempts include courses taken Fall 2002 and after at any of the colleges of the DCCCD.

The State of Texas financially subsidizes the education of college students. Tuition paid by any student represents only a portion of the actual cost of any credit and many Continuing Education/Workforce Training courses with the State paying the remainder of the costs. The Texas State Legislature has mandated that effective with the Fall 2002 Semester, the State will no longer subsidize a student's enrollment for the third or subsequent attempt of most credit and Continuing Education/Workforce Training courses; therefore, students should take care in dropping a course.

Students should carefully select courses and consult an academic advisor to determine if they are repeating a course the third time. Students should also take care in dropping a course. When a student withdraws from a course after the official semester census date and is awarded a "W", the course counts as an attempt. Therefore, students should take care in dropping a course.

For more information about courses that are exempt from this ruling and for cross lists of both credit and Continuing Education/Workforce Training courses, go to https://www.dcccd.edu/pc/cost/3rdcrseattmpt/pages/default.aspx.

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