2014 - 2015 Combined Catalogs of the Colleges

Human Development Courses

The Human Development curriculum is comprised of several courses providing a theoretical and practical foundation in human growth and development across the life span. These courses are organized around different topics including educational and career/life planning; interpersonal communication; personal and social growth; learning theory and study skills and success in college. The college may offer special sections of Human Development courses that emphasize various issues such as understanding multi-cultural concepts, making life transitions and appreciating gender differences for special populations including women returning to school, adults making career or job changes, at-risk students, young adults, or academically under-prepared students.

Some Human Development courses transfer to colleges and universities as elective credit. These courses use an experiential model that allows for the use of a variety of teaching and learning strategies including small group work, journal writing, mini-lectures, selected readings, classroom discussion, team teaching, peer teaching, outside guest speakers, psychometric testing and volunteer experiences in the community.

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