2014 - 2015 Combined Catalogs of the Colleges

External Learning Experiences for Career and Technical Programs

An external learning experience for Career and Technical Programs is a competency-based learning experience, paid or unpaid, that enhances lecture and laboratory instruction and is provided at a work site appropriate to the program. An external learning experience allows the participant to have practical, hands-on training and to apply learned concepts and theories in a workplace setting. Four types of external learning experiences are available: cooperative, practicum, internship and clinical. Clinical experiences must take place in a health care setting and the participant cannot be paid for the learning experience.

Prior to enrolling in one of these courses, you must consult with the program's External Learning Experience Coordinator. See the External Learning Experience Student Handbook at https://www.dcccd.edu/emp/ep/workforce%20education/documents/curriculum%20process%20guide%202017-2018/appendix/ele-student-handbook-(rev2007).pdf

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