2014 - 2015 Combined Catalogs of the Colleges

Tuition Exemptions

The State of Texas offers a number of exemptions for various categories of students. For example, exemptions are available to:

  • Aid for Dependent children (AFDC) students
  • American (other than U.S.) hemisphere students
  • Blind or deaf students
  • Children of disabled firemen and peace officers
  • Children of prisoners of war or persons missing in action
  • Salaried Fire fighters enrolled in fire science courses
  • Foster-care students
  • Highest ranking high school graduate
  • ROTC/National Guard students
  • Senior citizens, and
  • Veterans and dependents

For a full list and the criteria for eligibility, visit www.collegeforalltexans.com, or contact the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board at 1-800-242-3062.

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