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Assessment Procedures

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Our assessment services evaluate your readiness for certain college courses and determine whether you are likely to be successful in those courses. The college provides a Pre-Assessment Activity and practice test prior to your taking an assessment test. These activities are a required part of the enrollment process.

The assessment program is comprised of several parts. You complete a questionnaire that documents information about your career and work plans, previous academic achievement and other relevant information. Your basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics are also assessed; this information may come from ACT, SAT, previous college-level work or from scores on the standardized tests administered at the college. If you have previously taken the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) state approved tests, you will also need these scores. You should have official copies of ACT, SAT, STAAR, or TAKS scores and transcripts mailed to the Admissions Office or make them available when you apply for admission. It is your responsibility as a student to have these available prior to your enrolling in courses.

The assessment program provides you and your academic advisor the information you need to make informed decisions. Information about your skills, Computer Literacy Skills, abilities, career plans, educational background, life experiences and motivation is important in helping you make selections from the many educational options available.

Students may be required to assess by taking the TSI state approved assessments prior to enrolling in classes that have prerequisite skills in reading, writing, or math. The college reserves the right to advise students in the appropriate remediation if assessment results indicate a need for improving skills in reading, writing, and/or mathematics.

Details of assessment and advisement procedures are available through the college Counseling and/or Advisement Center or in the college class schedule each semester.

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