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2014 - 2015 Catalog
Degree Plans by Subject

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Academic Degrees

Associate in Arts Degree (all colleges)
Associate in Sciences Degree (all colleges)
Field of Study Degrees (colleges vary)
Non-Core Degrees (colleges vary)

Associate in Applied Sciences Degrees
(Career and Technical Programs, Degrees and Certificates)

Not all degrees offered at all locations. See the chart at Degree Plans by Location

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Accounting [View all]
Accounting Assistant Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Accounting Clerk Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology [View all]
  Residential - Technician I Certificate (CVC,EFC)
Residential - Technician III Level II Certificate (CVC,EFC)
Residential AAS (CVC,EFC)

Automotive Technology [View all]
  Chassis Service Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC)
Electronics and Climate Controls Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC)
Engine Repair and Performance Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC)
Service Technician AAS (CVC and EFC) (CVC,EFC)
Transmission Service Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC)

Automotive Technology/Diesel and Heavy Equipment [View all]
  Preventive Maintenance Technician Certificate (CVC)

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Business Administration [View all]
  Business Administration AAS (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Diversity Training Skills Achievement Award (CVC)
Human Resources Assistant Certificate (CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

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Commercial Building Performance Technology [View all]
  Continuous Commissioning Advanced Technical Certificate (CVC)
Energy Management, Energy Efficiency, and Commissioning Certificate (CVC)
Green Energy in Buildings Certificate (CVC)

Commercial Music [View all]
  Composition and Digital Music Production AAS (CVC)
(formerly Arranger/Composer/Copyist AAS)

Music Business and Entrepreneurship AAS (CVC)
(formerly Music Retailing AAS)

Music Business and Entrepreneurship Certificate (CVC)
(formerly Music Retailing Certificate)

Performing Musician AAS (CVC)
Performing Musician Certificate (CVC)
Recording Technology AAS (CVC)
Recording Technology Certificate (One-Year Certificate) (CVC)
Recording Technology Certificate (Two-Year Certificate) (CVC)

Computer Graphics [View all]
  Computer Graphics AAS (CVC,NLC)
Computer Graphics Certificate (CVC,NLC)
Computer Graphics Specialist Certificate (CVC,NLC)

Computer Information Technology (Networking Security Awards) [View all]
  Network Administrator and Support AAS (CVC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Networking Support Certificate (BHC,CVC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Computer Information Technology (PC Support Awards) [View all]
  Help Desk/User Support Technician Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,NLC,RLC)
Personal Computer Specialist Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Personal Computer Support AAS (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Personal Computer User Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Technology Support Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
(formerly Personal Computer Technician)

Criminal Justice [View all]
  Basic Criminal Justice Certificate (CVC,EFC,MVC)
Criminal Justice AAS (CVC,EFC,MVC)
Criminal Justice Certificate (30 hours) (CVC,EFC,MVC)
Criminal Justice Certificate (45-46 hours) (CVC,EFC,MVC)

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Engine Technology [View all]
  Marine/Small Engine Technology Certificate (CVC)
(formerly Marine Technology Certificate)

Motorcycle Technology Certificate (CVC)

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Management [View all]
  Leadership Marketable Skills Achievement Award (CVC)
Management Certificate (BHC,CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)
Supervisor Certificate (CVC,EFC,ECC,MVC,NLC,RLC)

Marketing Careers [View all]
  Business Marketing AAS (BHC,CVC)
Customer Service Representative Certificate (Business Marketing) (BHC,CVC)
Sales Marketing Associate Certificate (BHC,CVC)

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Real Estate [View all]
  Real Estate AAS (CVC,NLC)
Real Estate Certificate (CVC,NLC)

Residential Building Performance Technology [View all]
  Rater/Building Performance Specialist (CVC)
(formerly Rater Certificate)

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Veterinary Technology [View all]
  Large Animal Assisting Certificate (CVC)
Small Animal Assisting Certificate (CVC)
Veterinary Technology AAS (CVC)

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