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2014 - 2015 Catalog
Program: Computer Graphics
Degree Plan: Computer Graphics Certificate

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This degree plan includes updates that were added after it was originally published on June 9, 2014.
New students who are entering the college for the first time should follow the version on this page.

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Gainful Employment Information

(Level I Certificate)

Cedar Valley and North Lake only

  • Students pursuing this certificate are waived from the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards, but must meet course prerequisites.
  • Students must earn at least 25% of the credit hours required for graduation through instruction by the college awarding the degree.

Degree Plan Code: C1.COMP.GRAPH.08

This program provides students the basic knowledge and skills to work effectively in entry-level positions such as a Computer Graphics Specialist. All courses taken in the certificate will apply to the AAS degree in Computer Graphics.



ARTS 1311 2-D Design 3
ARTC 1305 Basic Graphic Design 3
ARTC 1302 Digital Imaging I 3
ARTS 1301 Art Appreciation 3


ARTS 1316 Drawing I 3
ARTV 1345 3-D Modeling and Rendering I 3
ARTV 1303 Basic Animation 3
+Emphasis Elective Track 1 or 2 3


ARTC 1313 Digital Publishing I 3
+Emphasis Elective Track 1 or 2 3
+Emphasis Elective Track 1 or 2 3
Minimum Hours Required 33

+Track 1 - Animation Emphasis:

ARTS 1312 3-D Design 3
ARTV 1341 3-D Animation I 3
ARTV 2351 3-D Animation II 3

+Track 2 - Web/Print Emphasis:

IMED 1316 Web Design I 3
ARTC 1359 Visual Design for New Media 3
ARTC 2335 Portfolio Development for Graphic Design 3

NOTE: Students enrolling in this program who plan to transfer to a four year institution should consult an advisor or counselor regarding transfer requirements and the transferability of these courses to the four-year institution of their choice.

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