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CHEM 2423 (4 Credit Hours)
Offered at BHC, CVC, EFC, ECC, MVC, NLC, RLC

Organic Chemistry I
This is a Texas Common Course Number. This is a Core Curriculum course selected by the colleges of DCCCD.
Prerequisite: CHEM 1412.
Course Description: This course is for science and science-related majors. It introduces the fundamental classes of organic (carbon) compounds, and begins the study of aliphatic and aromatic compounds, including nomenclature, structure and isomerism, stereochemistry, types of reactions, common mechanisms and syntheses. Lab includes synthesis, purification by distillation, extraction, recrystallization and chromatography, and identification by physical and chemical means and may include spectroscopic identification. (3 Lec., 4 Lab.)
Coordinating Board Academic Approval Number 4005045203

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