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Assessment/Testing Center (Archived)

The Assessment/Testing Center offers a variety of testing services that meet the expressed needs of students, staff and the community. Assessment/Testing Centers provide these services:

  • Academic testing (instructors' tests, make-up exams, self-paced exams and distance education testing)
  • Assessment testing that meets both TSI and placement requirements.
  • Standardized exams (national and state exam programs such as: ACT, SAT, CLEP, GED, Quick THEA, etc.)
  • Psychometric Testing (assessment of personality, vocational interests, aptitude, etc.); you must be referred by a counselor or appropriate faculty member for psychometric testing.
  • Be aware that all services are not available on every campus.

Before taking a test in one of the Assessment/Testing Centers, you must provide photo identification. Some centers may also require a student identification card. There is a charge for some test services. For additional information, please contact the college Assessment/Testing Center.

The Code of Student Conduct provisions regarding disruptive behavior and/or academic dishonesty apply equally to Assessment/Testing Centers and classrooms. Irregularities will be referred to the proper authorities for disciplinary action. See the Code of Student Conduct.

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