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Disability Services/Special Services Office (Archived)

The Disability Services/Special Services Office offers accommodations for students with disabilities. Services are coordinated to fit the individual needs of the student. They may include sign language interpreting, computer-aided real-time translation (CART), note-taking, reader/scribe services, use of assistive technology and large print materials. Academic advisement, testing accommodations and referral services are also available.

New students are encouraged to contact the Disability Services/Special Services Office at least one month prior to registration. Students requesting services are responsible for providing current educational or psychological/medical documentation from a qualified professional verifying the disability and the need for services.

Students with disabilities attending the college have a right to appeal decisions concerning physical and academic accommodations by submitting a written petition to the designated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Officer of the college.

For additional information, contact the Disability Services/Special Services Office online at Students/Student Services/Disability Services/Disability Services Offices/.

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