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College Tech Prep (Archived)

College Tech Prep is a program that awards up to 15 hours of FREE Technical college credit for courses completed in high school. These courses can lead to a certificate or an associate degree at the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD).

Each DCCCD Tech Prep program is a planned sequence of courses developed cooperatively between school districts and DCCCD.

High school students must follow these steps to participate in College Tech Prep:

  • Choose a technical career program of interest and complete two or more courses for three or more high school credits.
  • Register in the CATEMA System and earn college credit if you receive a grade of "A" or "B".

Following high school graduation:

  • Enroll at one of the seven DCCCD colleges
  • Meet with a Tech Prep advisor at the college and be sure to bring a high school transcript
  • Declare a major and file a degree plan or certificate plan

Note: You must enroll at a DCCCD campus and claim your college credit within 15 months of high school graduation.

For more information about the College Tech Prep program, contact your high school counselor or career and technology teacher or call 214-378-1782. See this Web site for more information:

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