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Excused Absence for Military Personnel Called to Active Duty (Archived)

HB 1630 of the 79th Texas Legislature requires institutions of higher education to grant excused absences for students called to active military service. The legislation also establishes the maximum period for which a student may be excused at no more than 25 percent of the total number of class meetings, excluding the final exam.

Students will present to the College Registrar’s Office for processing the original copy of their orders notifying them they have been called to active duty.

Students will sign a “Military Withdrawal Contract” stating that it is their responsibility to contact each of their instructors prior to leaving for active duty so that they can discuss which assignments/projects/examinations will need to be completed once they return. The faculty member(s) will work with the students to establish a reasonable time frame after the absence for the completion of any assignments/examinations.

Upon returning from active duty, students must contact the College Registrar’s Office. At that time, the students’ “Short-Term Military Withdrawal Code” will be removed and the students will complete their course(s) requirements as outlined within their Military Withdrawal Contract.

Should students fail to satisfactorily complete the assignment(s) or examinations within a reasonable time after the absence, the faculty member will have the right to issue a final performance grade based on the work that has been completed.

Students who wish to dispute the process regarding this policy will follow the informal procedures listed in the DCCCD Student Grievance Policies. If the informal procedures do not resolve the grievance, then such students may seek review under the formal grievance procedures.

Students who receive federal student aid benefits (Pell Grant, SEOG, Stafford Loan) could be required to repay a portion of the financial aid. Additional information, Financial Aid and Excused Absence for Military Personnel Called to Active Duty, will be provided to such students as an attachment to the Military Withdrawal Contract.

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