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    College Financial Aid College Financial Aid
         Financial Aid  Financial Aid
         Eligibility Requirements  Eligibility Requirements
         Cost of Attendance  Cost of Attendance
         Texas Residence Requirements  Texas Residence Requirements
         Types of Aid Available  Types of Aid Available
         Federal Academic Competitiveness Grant  Federal Academic Competitiveness Grant
         Federal Pell Grant  Federal Pell Grant
         Federal Supplemental Grant  Federal Supplemental Grant
         Texas Public Grant  Texas Public Grant
         TEXAS Grant  TEXAS Grant
         TEXAS Educational Opportunity Grant (TEOG)  TEXAS Educational Opportunity Grant (TEOG)
         Federal LEAP and SLEAP Program  Federal LEAP and SLEAP Program
         TEXAS TOP 10% Scholarship Program  TEXAS TOP 10% Scholarship Program
         Federal TEACH Grant Program  Federal TEACH Grant Program
         Rising Star Program  Rising Star Program
         Foundation and Scholarships  Foundation and Scholarships
         Stafford and PLUS Loans  Stafford and PLUS Loans
         Short-term Loans  Short-term Loans
         Tuition Installment Pay Plan (TIPP)  Tuition Installment Pay Plan (TIPP)
         Part-time Employment  Part-time Employment
         Tuition Exemptions  Tuition Exemptions
         Vocational Rehabilitation  Vocational Rehabilitation
         Native American Students  Native American Students
         Veterans' Education Benefits  Veterans' Education Benefits
         Financial Aid Application Process  Financial Aid Application Process
         Financial Aid Award Process  Financial Aid Award Process
         Financial Aid Disbursements Process  Financial Aid Disbursements Process
         Release of Financial Aid Disbursements  Release of Financial Aid Disbursements
         Class Registration Deadlines  Class Registration Deadlines
         Return of Federal Title IV Funds  Return of Federal Title IV Funds
         Financial Aid and Distance Learning  Financial Aid and Distance Learning
         Standards for SAP  Standards for SAP
         State-Mandated Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (TXG-SAP)  State-Mandated Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (TXG-SAP)
         Reinstatement Procedures  Reinstatement Procedures
         Student Rights and Responsibilities  Student Rights and Responsibilities
DCCCD Core Curriculum  DCCCD Core Curriculum
DCCCD Core Curriculum  DCCCD Core Options for AAS Awards
Transfer Services  Transfer Services
Veterans Educational Benefits (Archived)

The college assists veterans with completing proper forms and coordinating the certification procedures for monthly benefits administered under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The college Veterans Affairs Office may also provide information about VA educational benefits and assist with accomplishing enrollment and arranging tutoring services. (The VA Web site is

VA regulations are subject to change without notice. Contact the college Veterans Affairs Office for information about current regulations and procedures. Direct questions about specific financial benefits to the VA Regional Office at 1-888-442-4551.

Under the Hazlewood Act, certain Texas veterans can attend Texas public colleges and have tuition exempted. To be eligible, the student must:

  • Have been a resident of Texas at the time he or she entered the service
  • Have an honorable discharge, or general discharge under honorable conditions
  • Must currently be a Texas resident
  • Must submit a qualifying benefits letter from the VA Office in Muskogee, Oklahoma (to obtain the letter, call 1-888-442-4551
  • Have served at least 181 days of active military duty
  • Not be in default on any federal educational loans

Texas state law requires that all veterans requesting assistance under the Hazlewood Act must complete a Hazlewood Exemption Application/Release form that will be used to report and track the amount of benefits that each veteran has used. Veterans are limited to 150 credit hours of exemptions. Contact the Veterans Affairs Office at your college for help in completing this form.

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