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Degree Plans - Construction Technology - Commercial Construction Certificate (Archived)


(Level I Certificate)

North Lake only

  • Students pursuing this certificate are waived from the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards, but must meet course prerequisites.
  • Students must earn at least 25% of the credit hours required for graduation through instruction by the college awarding the degree.

Degree Plan Code: C1.CNBT.COMMERCIAL

This apprenticeship program, through North Lake College's partnership with the Construction Education Foundation (CEF), has been nationally approved by the National Center for Construction Education Center and Research (NCCER). Graduates of this award will be prepared for employment as a journeyman craft person. Successful completion of the entire curriculum and coordinated on-the-job training prepares the student for the required county, state or federal examinations. The student will also acquire math, science, communications, planning, problem solving, human relations, and management skills.

Because additional admission requirements are necessary for enrollment in this program, please contact Roger Wilson, Program Coordinator, at or 972-860-7873.



CNBT 1170 Basic Construction Safety 1
CNBT 1373 Residential Blueprint Reading 3
+Specialty Construction Track Option 7-13


CNBT 2380 Cooperative Education - Construction/Engineering Technology/Technician* 3
+Specialty Construction Track Option 7-12
Minimum Hours Required 21-32

+Elective - only one option may be selected from the certificate craft options listed below. Students must complete all of the courses and/or electives listed in the one selected option to receive full credit toward a one-year certificate.

Commercial Construction Certificate Craft Options (SELECT ONLY ONE OPTION PER CERTIFICATE):
Carpentry - Commercial
Electrical - Commercial
Field Engineering
HVAC - Commercial
Plumbing - Commercial
Sheet Metal
Fire Sprinkler Fitting

+Specialty Construction Track Option -- students must complete all course work in a specialty Construction Track Option as cited below:


CRPT 1329 Introduction to Carpentry 3
CRPT 1325 Forms and Foundations I 3
CRPT 1349 Forms and Foundations II 3
CRPT 2343 Specialty Wall Systems 3
CRPT 2339 Specialty Exterior Finish Systems 3
CRPT 1345 Conventional Interior Finish Systems 3
CRPT 2341 Specialty Interior Finish Systems 3


ELPT 1321 Introduction to Electrical Safety and Tools 3
ELPT 1311 Basic Electrical Theory 3
HART 1301 Basic Electricity for HVAC 3
ELPT 1320 Fundamentals of Electricity II 3
ELPT 1345 Commercial Wiring 3
ELPT 1341 Motor Control 3
ELPT 1357 Industrial Wiring 3
ELTN 1343 Electrical Troubleshooting 3


SRVY 1315 Surveying Calculations 3
SRVY 1301 Introduction to Surveying 3
CNBT 1375 Field Engineering I 3
SRVY 1309 Surveying Measurement 3
SRVY 1313 Plane Surveying 3
CNBT 2375 Field Engineering II 3


HART 1307 Refrigeration Principles 3
HART 1301 Basic Electricity for HVAC 3
CBFM 2317 Mechanical Maintenance 3
HART 1303 Air Conditioning Control Principles 3
HART 2336 Air Conditioning Troubleshooting 3
HART 2341 Commerical Air Conditioning 3
CBFM 2311 Building Maintenance II 3
HART 2302 Commercial Air Conditioning System Design 3


PFPB 1308 Basic Pipefitting Skills 3
PFPB 2307 Pipe Fabrication and Installation I 3
PFPB 2341 Pipe Fabrication and Installation II 3
WLDG 1435 Introduction to Pipe Welding 4
WLDG 1317 Introduction to Layout and Fabrication 3
CNBT 2270 Pipe Welding for the Construction Professional 2
PFPB 2343 Advanced Pipe Practices 3
PFPB 1350 Plumbing and Pipefitting Equipment and Safety 3


PFPB 1313 Introduction to the Plumbing Trade 3
PFPB 1319 Commercial Plumbing I 3
PFPB 2307 Pipe Fabrication and Installation I 3
PFPB 1353 Commercial Plumbing II 3
PFPB 2343 Advanced Pipe Practices 3
PFPB 2336 Commercial Construction and Fixture Setting 3
PFPB 1355 Industrial Plumbing 3
PFPB 1350 Plumbing and Pipefitting Equipment and Safety 3


MCHN 1374 Sheet Metal I 3
MCHN 1375 Sheet Metal II 3
MCHN 1370 Sheet Metal IV 3
MCHN 1371 Sheet Metal V 3
MCHN 1372 Sheet Metal VI 3
MCHN 2370 Sheet Metal VII 3
MCHN 2371 Sheet Metal VIII 3
MCHN 2372 Sheet Metal IX 3


SPFT 1371 Sprinkler Fitter I 3
SPFT 1372 Sprinkler Fitter II 3
SPFT 1373 Sprinkler Fitter III 3
SPFT 1374 Sprinkler Fitter IV 3
SPFT 2370 Sprinkler Fitter V 3
SPFT 2371 Sprinkler Fitter VI 3
SPFT 2372 Sprinkler Fitter VII 3
SPFT 2373 Sprinkler Fitter VIII 3


WLDG 1323 Welding Safety, Tools, and Equipment 3
WLDG 1307 Introduction to Welding Using Multiple Processes 3
WLDG 1275 Intermediate Shielding Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) 2
WLDG 1276 Introduction to Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) 2
WLDG 2271 Intermediate Welding Using Multiple Processes I 2
WLDG 2272 Intermediate Welding Using Multiple Processes II 2

*CNBT 2380 Cooperative Education - Construction Engineering Technology/Technician may only be taken in SEMESTER II. Craft specific licensing exam may be substituted for CNBT 2380 Cooperative Education - Construction Engineering Technology/Technician.

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