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Catalog Table of Contents  Catalog Table of Contents
    Getting Started Getting Started
         General Admissions Policy  General Admissions Policy
         How to Enroll  How to Enroll
         Verification of Enrollment  Verification of Enrollment
         Immunization Requirements  Immunization Requirements
         Bacterial Meningitis  Bacterial Meningitis
         Student Identification  Student Identification
         Admission Requirements  Admission Requirements
         First Time Students  First Time Students
         Concurrent Enrollment for HS  Concurrent Enrollment for HS
         Dual Credit for High Schoolers  Dual Credit for High Schoolers
         Transfer Students  Transfer Students
         Acceptance of Credit in Transfer  Acceptance of Credit in Transfer
         Transient Students  Transient Students
         Academic Forgiveness  Academic Forgiveness
         Former Students  Former Students
         Undocumented Students Residency  Undocumented Students Residency
         International Students  International Students
         Evaluation of Foreign Credentials  Evaluation of Foreign Credentials
         Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Program  Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Program
         TSI Requirements  TSI Requirements
         TSI Assessment Instruments  TSI Assessment Instruments
         Exemptions/Waivers  Exemptions/Waivers
         Minimum Passing TSI Standards  Minimum Passing TSI Standards
         Advisement and Plan for Academic Success  Advisement and Plan for Academic Success
         Students with Disabilities  Students with Disabilities
         Determination of Readiness  Determination of Readiness
         TSI Retest Options  TSI Retest Options
         TSI Course Prerequisites  TSI Course Prerequisites
         Transferring Assessment Scores  Transferring Assessment Scores
         TSI Assistance  TSI Assistance
         Online Student Application  Online Student Application
         Online Registration and Payment  Online Registration and Payment
         Telephone Grade Reports  Telephone Grade Reports
DCCCD Core Curriculum  DCCCD Core Curriculum
DCCCD Core Curriculum  DCCCD Core Options for AAS Awards
Transfer Services  Transfer Services
TSI Assistance (Archived)

The college TSI Coordinators can assist you with information about TSI requirements:

  • Brookhaven College: Brenda Dalton 972-860-4677
  • Cedar Valley College: Jodie Rexroat 972-860-8219
  • Eastfield College: Jennie Banks 972-860-7028; Janet Cassidy 972-860-7052
  • El Centro College: Jim Handy 214-860-2073
  • LeCroy Center: Lakendra Higgs 972-669-6417
  • Mountain View College: Kathy Taylor 214-860-8557
  • North Lake College: Deena Reeve 972-273-3127
  • Richland College: Teddy Krekula 972-238-6115; Winona Whited 972-238-3787

Additional TSI information can be found at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Web site at

And remember TSI rules are always subject to change. For the latest TSI information, see the college TSI Coordinator.

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