Transcript of Credit

The transcript of credit is a chronological listing of college credit classes attempted within the DCCCD. All credit courses taken at any of the seven campuses of the college district are listed on a common DCCCD transcript which can be requested from any DCCCD campus. The transcript is official if the document is imprinted with the college seal and signature of the Registrar. It includes both GPA(1) and GPA(2).

Transfer credits from other institutions are not recorded on DCCCD transcripts. If you desire a transcript of your coursework completed outside of the DCCCD, you are responsible for securing the transcript from that specific institution.

Upon your written request or electronic request through the eConnect system, the Registrar's Office will send an official transcript directly to you or to any college or agency you designate. A minimum of two working days is required for processing, and there is no charge of official transcripts.

Transcripts will be released only if all obligations to the DCCCD have been settled.