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Table of Contents (Archived)
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Collapse Beginning College Beginning College
       First Steps
       Guarantee for Job Competency
       Guarantee for Transfer Credit
       Academic Calendar 2006-2007
       Academic Calendar 2005-2006
       Online Student Application
       Online Registration and Payment
       Telephone Registration, Payment and Grades
Collapse General Information General Information
       Board of Trustees Systemwide Strategic Plan, 2005-2008
       The DCCC and Innovation
       Commonly Used Terms and Abbreviations
Collapse Getting Started Getting Started
       General Admissions Policy
       How to Enroll
       Verification of Enrollment
       Immunizations Requirements
       Immunization Schedule
       Bacterial Meningitis
       Student Identification
       Admission Requirements
       First Time Students
       Concurrent Enrollment for HS
       Dual Credit for High Schoolers
       Transfer Students
       Acceptance of Credit in Transfer
       Academic Forgiveness
       Former Students
       Undocumented Students Residency
       International Students
       Evaluation of Foreign Credentials
       Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Program
       TSI Requirements
       TSI Assessment Instruments
       Minimum Passing TSI Standards
       Advisement and Plan for Academic Success
       Students with Disabilities
       Determination of Readiness
       TSI Retest Requirements
       TSI Retest Options
       TSI Course Prerequisites
       Transferring Assessment Scores
       TSI Assistance
       Online Student Application
       Online Registration and Payment
       Telephone Registration, Payment and Grades
Collapse Money Matters Money Matters
       Tuition Schedule
       Tuition Installment Plan
       HOPE Scholarship
       Reciprocal Tuition
       Tuition Rebate
       Refund of Tuition
       Returned Checks
       Additional Charges
       Online Registration and Payment
Collapse College Financial Aid College Financial Aid
       Financial Aid
       Eligibility Requirements
       Cost of Attendance
       Texas Residence Requirements
       Types of Aid Available
       Federal Pell Grant
       Federal Supplemental Grant
       Texas Public Grant
       TEXAS Grant
       TEXAS Grant II
       LEAP and SLEAP Program
       Rising Star Program
       Foundation and Scholarships
       Stafford and PLUS Loans
       Short-term Loans
       Tuition Installment Pay Plan
       Part-time Employment
       Tuition Exemptions
       Vocational Rehabilitation
       Native American Students
       Veterans' Education Benefits
       Financial Aid Application Process
       Financial Aid Award Process
       Financial Aid Disbursements Process
       Release of Financial Aid Disbursements
       Class Registration Deadlines
       Return of Federal Title IV Funds
       Financial Aid and Distance Learning
       Standards for SAP
       State-Mandated Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (TXG-SAP)
       Reinstatement Procedures
       Student Rights
Collapse Registering for College Registering for College
       How to Register
       Assessment Procedures
       Flexible Entry Courses
       Academic Load
       Change of Schedule
       Classification of Students
       Online Student Application
       Online Registration and Payment
       Telephone Registration, Payment and Grades
Collapse Distance Learning Distance Learning
       Distance Learning
Collapse Learner Services Learner Services
       Student Programs
       Assessment/Testing Center
       Career Services
       Disability/Special Services
       Health Services/Insurance
       Library Information
       College Police
       Student Organizations
       Tutoring Services
       Intramural Sports
Collapse Academic Information Academic Information
       Degree Requirements
       Associate in Arts/Associate in Sciences Degrees
       Associate of Arts in Teaching Degree
       Field of Study Degrees
       Emphasis Degrees
       Transfer Degree
       Associate in Applied Sciences Degree
       Certificate Programs
       Course Prerequisites
       Core Curriculum
       Academic Transfer Programs
       Earning an Associate Degree
       Transfer Policy
       Transfer Dispute Resolution
       Choosing a Major
       Resources for Students Wishing to Transfer
       Transfer Guides
       Course Equivalency Guides
       Common Course Numbering System
       Choosing a Catalog Year
       Other Things to Consider
Collapse Other Educational Programs Other Educational Programs
       Career and Technical Programs
       Carl D. Perkins Technical and Career Training
       Credit for International Baccalaureate Diploma
       Continuing Education Programs
       Continuing Education Units
       Credit for Experiential Learning
       Developmental Education
       English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
       Evening/Weekend College
       External Learning Experiences
       Human Development
       Intensive English Programs
       Study Abroad Programs
       Noncredit Student (Audit)
       Service Learning
       Servicemen's College
       Tech Prep
       Teacher Preparation Program
       Workforce Education Course Manual
       Attending Classes
       Dropping/Withdrawing from College
       Third Attempt to Enroll in a Course
       Active Duty Calls
Collapse Grades and Transcripts Grades and Transcripts
       Grades and GPA
       Scholastic Performance and Academic Standing
       Grade Reports
       Transcript of Credit
       Transcript Evaluations
       Transcript Requests
Collapse Graduation Requirements Graduation Requirements
       General Requirements
       Associate Degree Plans
       Certificate Plans
       Graduation Ceremony
       Scholastic Deficiency Waiver
       Academic Recognition
       Phi Theta Kappa
       Who's Who Among Students
Collapse Degrees Degrees
       Associate in Arts Degree
       Associate in Sciences Degree
       Associate of Arts in Teaching Degree
       Associate in Applied Sciences Degree
       Field of Study Degrees
       Emphasis Degrees
       Transfer Degree
       Degree Plans (by Location)
       Degree Plans (by Subject)
       Course Descriptions
View Credit Course Descriptions Credit Course Descriptions
Collapse Bill J. Priest Institute Bill J. Priest Institute
       Business and Industry Services
       Job Profiling
       ACT Center
       tompeters company!
       ISO 9000 Implementation
       Fast Track Workshops
       Office Space and Services
       Small Business Development Centers
       North Texas Small Business Dev Center
Collapse DALLAS TeleCollege DALLAS TeleCollege
       DALLAS TeleCollege
       Financial Aid
       Learning Resources
       Course Formats
       On Campus Requirements
       Learning Technologies
Collapse College Policies and Procedures College Policies and Procedures
       Student Consumer Information
       Right to Know Act
       Athletics Disclosure Act
       Drug-Free Schools Act
       Standard of Conduct
       Children on Campus
       Code of Student Conduct
       Student Grievance Procedure
       Computer Use Policy
       Communicable Disease Policy
       Weapons Policy
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