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Board of Trustees Systemwide Strategic Plan, 2005 - 2008 (Archived)

The Board of Trustees Systemwide Strategic Plan provides the overall direction to the Dallas County Community Colleges for all planning. The Board Strategic Plan includes the goals of the system, and the objectives form a basis for reporting on systemwide performance to the Board of Trustees. Each Dallas County Community College location is responsible for adopting strategies and processes for achieving the goals. Each location may also establish additional objectives as desired.


Dallas County Community Colleges add value to lives and build communities.


Dallas County Community Colleges prepare students to become productive and responsible contributors in our communities.


In implementing our goals, we are committed to remaining accessible and affordable while providing quality education. We embrace and celebrate the diversity of our students, staff, and communities in all we do. We recognize the importance of diversity in successfully impacting our students and communities in all six (6) goal areas.


The success of our students is always the primary focus.

OBJECTIVE A: Access and Retention

Our student body will reflect the diversity of the communities we serve and will progress academically.

OBJECTIVE B: College-Level Skills Attainment

Our students will master the mathematics, reading, and writing skills needed to participate successfully in college-level curricula.

OBJECTIVE C: Graduation and Transfer

Our students will obtain the skills needed to meet area workforce needs and/or be academically prepared to pursue a baccalaureate degree.

OBJECTIVE D: Adult Literacy

Our students will acquire basic literacy skills needed to live and function in our communities.


We remain committed to hiring, retaining, and developing successful employees as a key to the positive impact we have on our students and communities.

OBJECTIVE A: Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention

Recruit, hire, and retain quality employees that reflect the diversity of students and communities we serve.

OBJECTIVE B: Development

Develop, offer, and evaluate professional and organizational development programs that enhance the effectiveness of individuals and the organization to continuously improve our services internally and externally.


We positively and significantly impact economic and workforce development initiatives key to the prosperity of Dallas County, North Texas, the state, and the nation.

OBJECTIVE A: Strategic Alliances

Create, expand, and/or strengthen strategic alliances with business, industry, and government to promote local and regional economic and workforce development.

OBJECTIVE B: External Funding (Contracts and Grants)

Strengthen and expand systemwide resource development (grants, contract training, etc.) efforts at the local, regional, and federal level that support economic and workforce development.


We add value to lives and build communities by continually strengthening and expanding our connections with civic, community, and educational organizations.

OBJECTIVE A: Partnerships

Create, expand, and/or strengthen partnerships with civic, community, and educational organizations to improve the quality of life in our communities.


We maintain the public's trust by being fiscally responsible and accountable at all times.

OBJECTIVE A: Accountability and Reporting

Ensure that the public is regularly informed of our fiscal health and stability.

OBJECTIVE B: Financial Planning

Refine and implement a comprehensive fiscal plan to support our strategic directions.


We meet our goals based on continual evaluation and improvement of programs and services in relation to student and community needs.

OBJECTIVE A: Strategic Planning

Implement a data-driven, systemwide plan.

OBJECTIVE B: Private Sector Support

Encourage and support the Foundation.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
December 7, 2004

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