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Earning an Associate Degree Prior To Transferring (Archived)

You may elect to earn a two-year associate degree. The Associate in Arts and the Associate in Sciences degrees are designed specifically for those students who plan to transfer to a Texas four-year institution. Both of these degrees include the core curriculum. The flexibility of these degree programs also allows you to complete many of the introductory courses specifically related to your major field of study. You should also keep in mind the Associate in Arts/Associate in Sciences Field of Study degrees. The entire curriculum of the Field of Study degrees will transfer to all Texas public colleges and universities. However, some cases students may have to select between completion of the core or the Field of Study in those instances when the combined total of hours exceeds 66 hours. In addition, the college offers "Emphasis" degrees that feature "majors" which are recommended to students transferring in a specific discipline. See degree plans in this catalog.

The Associate of College/University Transfer Degree is an individually negotiated degree designed to permit students to take only those courses that will apply toward a specific major only at a specific private or out-of-state college or university. Students should see an advisor at the college for more information.

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