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Degree Plans - Fashion Design (Archived)

This degree plan includes updates that were added after it was originally published on June 1, 2004.
New students who are entering the college for the first time should follow the version on this page.

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El Centro only

(Associate in Applied Sciences Degree)

  • Students pursuing this award program are required to meet Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards and course prerequisites.
  • Students must earn at least 25% of the credit hours required for graduation through instruction by the college awarding the degree.


The pattern designer converts the fashion sketch or original garment into an industrial paper pattern used in the mass production of clothing. Drafting is the skill of developing a flat pattern with measurements. Draping is the skill of developing a pattern by placing cloth over a dress form. Upon completion of the program, the student enters a women's wear or children's wear manufacturing company as an assistant in the pattern department.



Core Curriculum 36


FSHN 1301 Textiles 3
FSHD 1217 Apparel Computer Systems 2
FSHN 1449 Intermediate Pattern Drafting* 4
HUMA 1301 Introduction to the Humanities OR 3
PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
PSYC 2302 Applied Psychology 3


FSHD 1218 Apparel Computer Systems 2
FSHN 2432 Advanced Pattern Drafting 4
FSHD 2205 Draping 2
FSHD 2241 Pattern Grading 2
+Elective 3-4
Minimum Hours Required 64-65

+Elective must be selected from the following:

Any ARTS course 3
FSHN 2380 Cooperative Education - Apparel and Textile Manufacture 3
ITSC 1401 Introduction to Computers 4

*Student must make a "C" or better to continue on to FSHN 2432 Advanced Pattern Drafting.

NOTE: Students enrolling in this program who plan to transfer to a four year institution should consult an advisor or counselor regarding transfer requirements and the transferability of these courses to the four year institution of their choice.

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