Brookhaven Textbook Semester Loan Program


Brookhaven Textbook Semester Loan Program

Assistance provided by the Faculty Association Book Fund, Follett Bookstore and campus donations

The Brookhaven College Textbook Semester Loan Program allows students enrolled in Brookhaven College courses to borrow one textbook for a full semester. Students can use this loaned textbook for a class, then return it at the end of the semester.

To participate in the program, fill in all seven boxes below and click on submit. You will be contacted within 72 hours concerning your request.

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Student I.D.
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Course and Textbook Information

Although only one textbook can be borrowed per semester, please provide a numbered list of your requests in priority order. Depending on availability, you may not receive your first choice - or you may be offered a previous edition.

To find your required textbook title and edition, go to eFollett's Online Bookstore, click on Textbooks & Course Materials (under Books), and select your course using the drop-down menus.

Each item on your list must include the following: course name, course section, textbook title, and edition.

For example: 1. HIST 1301. 21000 American Promise (5th ed)
                         2. BIOL 1409. 21501 Biology: Concepts and Apps 1409 (9th ed)

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Textbook Semester Loan Policies

  • Only students enrolled in Brookhaven College courses are eligible
  • Only one textbook can be borrowed per semester
  • Because access cards/keys/codes cannot be reused for multiple semesters, we do not loan textbooks with these options
  • Textbooks are due the last day of the semester
  • Return the textbook in the condition you received it
  • No writing, underlining, or highlighting
  • If you are late returning a textbook, or you have damaged it, you will be ineligible for the program for one year (no exceptions)
  • If you damage or fail to return a textbook, you will be responsible for a replacement copy in a similar condition to the borrowed item (new or used). There are two options for replacing the textbook:
    1. You can provide payment for a replacement copy and a $10 processing fee
    2. Or, you can buy a copy of the textbook and bring it to the library (no processing fee required)