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To begin your request for meeting facilities, please provide the information below and submit. You will need to submit a separate request for each meeting date. The college will place the rooms requested on a temporary hold, if available, once this form is completed.

One of our event management team members will review this information and contact you within 48 hours to supply a proposal that outlines the costs. Once your request is received and processed you will be notified via email or phone; and we will also confirm of your reservation request and ask for additional information at that time.

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Meetings scheduled outside normal operating hours for the college may incur additional costs.
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Please note if additional days are required for set-up and tear-down outside of the dates you have listed here by listing the dates and hours needed within the Questions/Comments section below.

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Room Setup

Click here to view the Brookhaven College standard room setup/configurations:
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If you chose "Other", please describe your setup needs in the Comments/Questions section below

Food Service

Click here to view a list of Catering options
Will food be served in your meeting room?
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Beverage Service

  • We do not have a beverage service, however; our campus Subway can provide beverage service to meet your needs. Vending machine are placed in strategic locations for convenience.
  • No alcohol may be served on the premises, this includes all beer, wine and spirits

Audio/Visual Equipment

Will your speaker(s)/presenter(s) need audio/visual equipment during the meeting?
  • Most of our rooms have built in A/V equipment that can be used at no additional cost. There is a cost for media and/or IT staff to attend your event.
  • Media equipment that must be added to a scheduled room or event, which is requested on the day of the meeting will incur an additional charge of $25 over the fees listed below as well as a charge for technical media assistance.
Projection Screens
Whiteboards (available in most rooms)
Webcam Session - $25
Easels - $10
Slide Projectors (with remote control) - $20 each
Video Camcorders - $35 each
Microphones - Wireless Lapel (not always available)
Multimedia Projectors
Document camera
Laptop Computer - $50
Overhead Projectors - $20
VCR and Monitors - $25 for the set


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